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We're committed to supporting policy makers like yours.

Knowledge is the currency of the new research economy. We can provide you with the tools to help you maximize your information capital. Elsevier Research Intelligence enables policy makers like yours to assess research performance and collaboration trends, determine the effectiveness of research policies and showcase research excellence.


Analytical Services: Tailored reports and data services

Analytical Services provide policy makers with customized analyses and reports modeled around the specific areas of interest expressed by your institution, including National Research Performance Assessments and Research Landscape Studies.

National Research Performance Assessments provide a deep evaluation of your nation's research performance, and can feature a range of analyses such as:

  • International comparative performance
  • International and cross-sector collaboration
  • Human capital brain circulation
  • Knowledge transfer

Research Landscape Studies assess the dynamics and trends within a particular research area, and can include a variety of analyses such as:

  • Subject area shifts
  • Publication landscape and impact per country and institution
  • International collaboration and impact
  • Cross-sector collaboration


Scopus Custom Data

Analytical Services also offers policy makers Scopus Custom Data, which is widely selected for its breadth of coverage and rich structured data. Scopus Custom Data allows your organization to acquire specified datasets from Elsevier's Scopus, the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature, in a rich and structured XML format. Policy makers like yours can use Scopus Custom Data to conduct analysis, populate internal databases and showcase publication outputs.


Data Integration Services

In addition to Scopus Custom Data, Analytical Services also offer data integration services, which provide organizations with access to custom web portals to perform their own research assessments. For more information, visit Analytical Services.

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