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Promote accomplishments and facilitate collaboration through extensive research networking and expertise discovery capabilities

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Pure allows you to combine your internal systems, external data sources and legacy data into a single platform, providing a comprehensive view on your institution's research activities. Using this validated data, the Pure Experts Portal provides unique expertise profiling and research networking capabilities, making it easier to find experts and form teams within your institution and across organizations.

Use the Portal to help researchers at your institution:

Demonstrate their activities and accomplishments to attract potential collaborators

Every researcher profile delivers a comprehensive list of publications, coauthor and institutional networks, a list of similar experts and a semantic index, or Fingerprint™ visualization, of the researcher's distinctive expertise.

  • Pure can integrate institutional content from systems such as HR, student administration, finance and award management which can be displayed in the Experts Portal
  • Individual users can also enter a variety of content including publications, intellectual property, teaching, press clippings, awards and honors, and professional information
  • Identify a researcher's area of expertise through their unique Fingerprint and uncover related content linked to their semantic index of concepts
  • You always remain in control. Only authorized content is displayed in the profiles, ensuring confidential information remains confidential

"Pure's portal is vital to our researchers' visibility to the external research community."
 Brian Kirkegaard Lunn, Development Consultant, Aalborg University Library, Denmark

Discover more about the content written by other researchers

  • Link directly to comprehensive detail pages for all content published on the portal, including links through to the source articles
  • Learn more about the article's social media impact via integrated Altmetrics
  • Discover new research articles through related content and the full article Fingerprint

Identify other researchers' distinctive expertise and find potential partners

Powered by the Elsevier Fingerprint Engine™, Pure uses semantic technology and field-of-research specific vocabularies to help researchers identify their peers' expertise – down to the most precise terms.

  • Search by concept or last name, or enter free text such as an abstract or funding opportunity, and the Experts Portal provides a targeted list of researchers within the institution who have authored articles related to the search criteria.
  • Researchers can also form partnerships with experts at other institutions by searching across the Experts Portal Community, an international network of organizations that have adopted SciVal Experts, Pure Experts Portal, and DIRECT2experts, a network of additional research profile systems.

Pure Experts Portal helps research managers, research administrators and research development professionals at your institution

Facilitate collaborations by exposing publishing connections and make researchers' accomplishments more discoverable.

Pure Experts Portal makes it easy to demonstrate researchers' activities to the research community, government agencies, industry, media and the public.

  • Facilitate cross-institutional collaborations, economic development initiatives and other external partnerships through your public Experts Portal.
  • Connect and collaborate: Users can identify potential collaborators by accessing a list of researchers with expertise similar to the profiled researcher and via coauthor and institutional visualizations.
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