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Approaching chemistry research from different angles

Whether you're in commercial research or education, Reaxys will support your work. Our many satisfied customers have praised the speed and versatility of Reaxys, saying how it has shortened their research time and saved money. Others find Reaxys excellent for introducing their students to the importance of good research solutions. Reaxys can change the way you look at research. Don't just take our word for it. Read on and discover how your colleagues worldwide are using Reaxys.

Chemistry Research

Chemistry Research

In Education

"If something is difficult to make, Reaxys helps us find alternative routes; it helps us approach the problem from a different angle."

Professor Peter Johnson, University of Leeds

"It's important to introduce students to state-of-the-art search software early. It's very useful that Reaxys can be accessed from other locations so students can also work on their projects at home."

Dr. Maikel Wijtmans, VU University Amsterdam

"Every chemist should try Reaxys! It's so simple and intuitive."

Professor Fabrizio Fabris, University of Venice

"Reaxys really supports my work as an expert witness."

Professor Anthony G.M. Barrett, Imperial College London

"Using Reaxys was a five-minute trip to a gold mine."

Post-doctoral Fellow, Major Australian university

In Commercial Research

"Reaxys saves us time by giving us a detailed overview of the search results, not just a list of literature."

Dr. Peter Witte, Research Chemist at BASF

"Reaxys returns precise and relevant information without a lot of noise so we can quickly find what we need."

Dr. Gary Allred, co-founder, president and CEO of Synthonix

"Reaxys thinks and works like chemists do. So it's easy for most chemists to find the information they need."

Dr. Tommi Meulemans, Mercachem

"Reaxys made it possible for us to get better output in less time."

Kazuhiro Machida and Yoichiro Hirose, ChemGenesis

"Reaxys has really streamlined my search for information. I have cut down the time I spend by 50%."

Dr. Jan Haller, Novasep

"Reaxys plucks the best bits out of the literature – fast."

Director of R&D, Albermarle Corporation

"The fact that you can filter your hits by biological data like IC50 and other activity values in a given assay is great."

Takahashi Nakai, Associate Research Scientist, Ironwood Pharmaceuticals

"Using Reaxys gives us a competitive advantage and enables us to develop sustainable quotes with a better chance of securing the project."

Group leader, Acoris Research, Ltd

Chemistry Research