Workflows of the week


Workflow 1
Search for fluoro-palladium complexes. Limit the results to those with heterocyclic structures containing 2 or more fused rings.


Please find here the workflows 1-10

Workflow 10
I'd like to know if a certain class of catalysts can be used for ring expansion reactions. Is there a way to do a ring expansion of cyclopropanols to cyclobutane using a gold phosphine catalyst?

Workflow 9
How can I search for a way to selectively reduce amides without affecting other functional groups? Will it work with secondary, and tertiary amides?

Workflow 8
I need to prepare homopiperazine analogs and I'd like to know if I can save time using microwave assisted synthesis. I'm only interested in examples of biologically active homopiperazines with up to 4 rings(at least one of them must be a 6-membered heterocyclic ring) and no rings fused to the parent structure.

Workflow 7
I need a phosgene-free way to synthesize toluene diisocyanate.

Workflow 6
I am looking for ways to convert benzamides into benzamidines.

Workflow 5
I'm interested in reviewing patents for organoiridium complexes similar to those shown below. I'd like to view the Markush structures from these patents.

Workflow 4
I'd like to explore the relationship between the density and refractive index of inorganic substances.

Workflow 3
I need to reduce a ketone to a secondary alcohol but I do not want the aldehyde on my reactant to also be reduced to an alcohol. Does Reaxys have any examples of how to do this?

Workflow 2
Metabolism data: Explore the reaction details of transformations involving piperidine hydroxylation using P450

Workflow 1
I would like to find patents containing information on the oxidative cleavage of c-c bonds (like those found in styrene) into carboxylic acids using manganese-containing catalysts. Then I want to export the list in a PDF