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Tips & tricks: There’s More to Molecular Formula Searching than Meets the Eye

Molecular formula searching is sometimes the most efficient way to get answers - especially when searching for inorganic substances, but it can also prove to be tedious and time-consuming to figure out the best query to use.

A new molecular formula searching tool is on the way.  In an upcoming release of Reaxys you will see an improved method for building your MF queries.

In preparation for this new tool, you might want to refresh your knowledge of current MF wildcards and abbreviations. Look for Molecular Formula Searching in the Searching Property Data section of the Reaxys Help file.

For example, did you know that you could search for all chlorides of Group 1B elements using this query:

Group 1b

And you can find all alkali metals with 1 other element using this query:

How about nickel, copper, or zinc with any count of hydrogen and oxygen:

The new formula builder lets you to quickly select element ranges and charges.  You can select  Periodic Table groups or series, add special groups (like Me, Et, and Ph),  and choose “unspecified” numbers/counts all with one click.

This new feature in Reaxys takes some of the mystery out of molecular formula searching and presents you with more of the answers you were looking for.


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