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Medicinal Chemistry Research Evolution

We're developing Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry to meet your research demands

Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry is designed to give you the best picture of the link between compounds, targets and bioactivity. It is the largest and most powerful medicinal chemistry research solution available from Elsevier. Read on to discover what you'll discover in March.

Step one – Giving you more data than any other research solution

Our first goal with Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry was to ensure that you find the relevant answers about your drug candidates every time you access our database. To achieve that, we've doubled the content and organized and indexed it for greater searchability in the latest version.
Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry New Content

Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry gives you more content than any other research solution from Elsevier for early-stage drug discovery. We've vastly expanded the original content and fully integrated the GVK BIO GOSTAR database, giving you 20 million bioactivity datasets on 4.5 million compounds and 7000 druggable targets. The data is sourced from over 80 thousand patents and 300 thousand articles from over 1000 medicinal chemistry and drug discovery journals.

Expanding the content is just part of the story. A larger database is beneficial, but a structured and indexed database is what lets you discover more relevant answers sooner. The Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry content is fully indexed and offers dedicated filters to ensure you get the best data every time you search.

Step two – Making your search queries easier to construct

Enlarging and organizing the database is only one part of building a powerful research solution. Intuitive and easy access to the data is crucial.

We've completely redesigned the Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry user interface, using the well-received 2013 Reaxys UI as our starting point. Our goal was to make search query construction fast and simple.

You start with a screen that gives you direct access to the most common medicinal chemistry search categories – compound-based and druggable target-based searches, and literature searches. There's also a quick search option. Each category opens a search query construction form that lets you define detailed parameters and apply dedicated filters with just a few clicks.

See for yourself: this side-by-side comparison shows you how each step of the Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry search process has improved with the new user interface.

Reaxys old new interface

Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry is far more than just a database – we've transformed it into a complete research solution.

Step three – Giving you the hottest results quickly

Getting a detailed and meaningful overview of your results aids analysis and interpretation. We've designed the Reaxys Heatmap View to support you in getting to the key results faster – and helping you gain insight into even the largest data sets.
Here is an example Heatmap View of a result set.


You see how various compounds (shown across the top bar) interacted with each target (shown down the page) in the selected assay type.
The flexible Heatmap View lets you define your parameters and is invaluable in making your medicinal chemistry research as fast and easy as possible.

Step four – Seamless integration with Reaxys for greater research power

We want you to get from data to new drug ideas to lab testing quickly. To support you in this, we've seamlessly integrated the new Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry with Reaxys Chemistry. Expand your search power to include compounds that are structurally similar to those with known bioactivity and use the data to generate new ideas for compounds to test.

If you subscribe to both of these powerful research solutions, you get:

There's more than just our word on the subject. Discover what your fellow researchers have to say about Reaxys in these interviews about its research applications.
"Reaxys can quickly lead you to a practical starting point. It's tailored to meet my needs as a chemist."

"Reaxys has really streamlined my search for information. I have cut down the time I spend by 50%."

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