NEW MarvinSketch Version 6 in Reaxys from Jan 11, 2014

In order for Reaxys to work properly after the Java 7 update 51, Reaxys will release an update.

As MarvinSketch and other external editors require Java, this release will affect all Reaxys users using these tools; older versions of MarvinSketch will be replaced by MarvinSketch version 6. This new MarvinSketch version provides several improvements over older versions, such as streamlined and Reaxys-adapted menus and functions and better accessibility to Reaxys specific features, such as predefined atom generics, for example A=any atom, Q= any hetero atom etc.

Please see for more details on the soon to be released Java update.

Reaxys users using Java-script based editors from Dotmatics (elemental) and GGA (Ketcher) will not be affected after this release.

Please contact our customer care team for any questions or concerns