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  • Added 27th February 2014

    Tips & tricks: There’s More to Molecular Formula Searching than Meets the Eye

    Molecular formula searching is sometimes the most efficient way to get answers - especially when searching for inorganic substances, but it can also prove to be tedious and time-consuming to ...

  • Added 30th January 2014

    Discover the new Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry

    Medicinal Chemistry Research Evolution

    We're developing Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry to meet your research demandsReaxys Medicinal Chemistry is designed to give you the best picture of the link between compounds, targets and bioactivity. It is ...

  • Added 8th January 2014

    NEW MarvinSketch Version 6 in Reaxys from Jan 11, 2014

    In order for Reaxys to work properly after the Java 7 update 51, Reaxys will release an update.

    As MarvinSketch and other external editors require Java, this release will affect all Reaxys users using these tools; older versions of MarvinSketch will be replaced by MarvinSketch version 6. This ...

  • Added 26th November 2013

    Karo Bio Selects Reaxys and Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry to Support Chemists in Research and Development

    Read the full press release here.


  • Added 26th November 2013

    Workflows of the week

    2014Workflow 1 Search for fluoro-palladium complexes. Limit the results to those with heterocyclic structures containing 2 or more fused rings. 2013Please find here the workflows 1-10 Workflow 10 I'd like ...

  • Added 11th November 2013

    New UI design, new features, expanded content

    We've launched a new Reaxys user interface that is designed based on feedback from expert chemists.

    With new features to support every step of your workflow and expanded content to answer all your chemistry questions, Reaxys is better than ever. New features enable you to: Gain ...

  • Added 5th November 2013

    Event: The first From Graduation to Innovation event

    On October 21, Frankfurt University hosted the first From Graduation to Innovation event, co-organized by Reaxys and the Gesellschaft Deutscher

    The event was a great success, with talks by prominent research chemists and a lively workshop on getting published. Over 70 attendees joined the event. ...

  • Added 5th November 2013

    Free Article: Organic – inorganic hybrid solar cells

    Read this detailed comparative review on the design of hybrid solar cells that combine organic and inorganic materials.

    The author compares the performances of devices with different compositions and surface chemistries and discusses the state of technology for the production of such solar panels. Read the free article ...

  • Added 5th November 2013

    Workflow: Reducing a ketone function in the presence of an aldehyde function

    Does Reaxys have any examples of reducing a ketone to a secondary alcohol without reducing the aldehyde on the reactant

    I need to reduce a ketone to a secondary alcohol but I do not want the aldehyde on my reactant to also be reducedto an alcohol. Does Reaxys have any ...

  • Added 5th September 2013

    Reaxys Release October 2013

    More content and increased discoverability from today!

    Reaxys brings you another major content expansion in line with our core organizing principles of relevant chemistry and meticulous indexing of terms. Among other improvements, this release includes: • Chemical ...