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What does Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry offer?

Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry combines the largest and best-organized medicinal chemistry database in the world with dedicated tools to give you insight into your result set and allow data export and sharing. By supporting you in making connections between compounds, targets and bioactivity, Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry accelerates early-stage drug candidate assessment.

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Confidence for drug development decisions

Choosing the right compound to develop during the preclinical phase of drug research saves time and money. Whether you are looking at drug repurposing options or lead identification, validation and optimization, Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry is designed to support your decision-making process.

Medicinal Chemistry Research

More data than ever

Gain access to the largest and most powerful medicinal chemistry research solution available. With data on over 5 million chemical compounds and 9,000 pharmacological targets and nearly 20 million bioactivity data points, Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry is the only medicinal chemistry resource you'll ever need. What's more, the data is fully indexed and normalized for maximum searchability and consistency.

Easy compound bioactivity assessments

The new Heatmap View provides an overview of the relationships between substances and their targets in terms of various parameters. This allows rapid identification of the most relevant compound–target interactions for your search.

Bioactivity Assessments

Chemistry Research

pX values for easy quantification

To facilitate comparisons of biodata from different publications and assay types, Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry has pX values for each data point. These enable you to quantify the affinity of your compound for its targets.

The possibility to share your discoveries

Sharing results with your colleagues is an essential aspect of drug discovery research. Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry allows flexible export of search results to internal databases using the Reaxys Structure Flat File. You can also annotate results and send them directly to fellow researchers. Furthermore, flat-rate access for your whole organization means that multiple researchers can access information simultaneously.

Medicinal Chemistry Discoveries

Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry Research

Integrate Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry with your system

The SAR Flat File allows you to integrate Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry into your internal computation workflows or in-house system. There is also an Application Programming Interface to support the development of specific chemical reaction and substance research applications, personalizing and increasing your research power.

Full compatibility with Reaxys

If you want to expand your research power, Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry can be fully integrated with Reaxys, allowing you to deeply explore the structures and physicochemical properties of compounds and increasing the range of literature at your disposal. Subscribing to both solutions gives you the possibility to access the two databases through a single, streamlined user interface.

Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry Research

Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry Research

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