QUOSA - Medical device companies

Medical device companies

You need to monitor scientific literature related to your products for clinical evaluation reports, pre-market approval and adverse events.

With QUOSA you can track and download full-text literature that mentions your products, review them from a central library and then use this data for compliance reports.

Key benefits

Rapid identification of product mentions
Use alerts to monitor mentions of product uses and outcomes.

Monitor a broad spectrum of literature sources
QUOSA supports many third-party literature databases, including Elsevier and non-Elsevier content.

Implement sophisticated search strategies
Our experienced professional services team will work with you to make sure your searches capture appropriate literature for regulatory compliance.

Reduce development and administrative costs with a scalable central library
Store and organize literature in a scalable and secure "cloud-based" environment.

Managing high volumes of content
QUOSA automates the process of de-duplicating and organizing full-text literature.

Better use of time and money
QUOSA de-duplicates full-text articles and helps prevent purchasing the same article multiple times.

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