QUOSA - Medical affairs and medical science liaisons

Medical affairs and medical science liaisons

You need direct access to the latest literature so you can rapidly respond to client inquires from anywhere. QUOSA provides a central repository that makes finding the right information quick and easy accessible from your PC, Mac and iPad.

Key benefits

Rapid article curation
Receive alerts about new articles and automatically download and organize full text.

PDFs immediately to hand
Locate literature immediately, review it and share information with healthcare providers and KOLs.

Access from anywhere
Mobile access is available on multiple devices, including Macs, PCs and iPads, and through a variety of means ranging from web browsers to RSS feeds.

Full-text searching
Make it easy for MSLs to find relevant articles by searching on full-text as well as metadata for key terms.

Workflow-based tagging
Fully leverage controlled term tagging/indexing by your team to accelerate a variety of use cases, from aiding a curation or regulatory process, through identifying relevancy to a query, to providing global views of article frequencies in specific categories.

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