QUOSA - Information Managers and Corporate Librarians

Information managers and corporate librarians

You need an information management solution that can promote current awareness, boost workflow efficiency and reduce waste.

Customizable and flexible, QUOSA supports your needs by making full-text literature easy to access and easy to share, all within a copyright-compliant environment.

Key benefits

Organize existing library of articles
Make your existing collection of documents easier to find by putting them in a copyright-compliant central library.

Rapid article curation
Receive alerts about new articles and automatically download and organize full text.

Promote current awareness
Push new information to users in pre-formatted reports or allow your users to subscribe to their own alerts.

Easy citation management
Users can easily insert citations or create bibliographies as they write their reports.

Easily order documents
QUOSA integrates with major document delivery providers to create a seamless shopping cart environment.

Better use of time and money
QUOSA de-duplicates full-text articles and helps prevent purchasing the same article multiple times.

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