Pre-clinical and clinical research data

Ideal Support for Pre-clinical and Clinical Research Data

About PharmaPendium

PharmaPendium is the only research solution that brings together excerpted pre-clinical, clinical and post-release safety data in a single longitudinal database and offers regulatory context with 2.2 million searchable pages of FDA approval packages. This extensive drug discovery content also includes EMA EPARs, historical data and unique pre-clinical study information that have not been published anywhere else to help support critical drug safety decisions.

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Support for faster drug development

PharmaPendium’s comprehensive preclinical to post marketing data extracted from FDA & EMA approval documents helps translational research  investigators examine and apply regulatory precedents to drugs in development.

Pre-clinical research data

Increased access to regulatory documents

The optional Pharmacokinetics Module gives you even greater access to pre-clinical and clinical exposure data extracted from the entire history of FDA Approval Packages and EMA documents.

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Reveal drug-metabolizing enzyme and transporter effects

The optional Metabolizing Enzymes and Transporters Module provides unique data for the modeling of adverse reactions that result from the effects of drug-metabolizing enzymes and transporters.

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Metabolizing Enzyme and transporter data

 Pre-clinical and clinical research 

Insight into your search results

PharmaPendium has features to support the analysis and assessment of results obtained from in vitro and in vivo tests. Compare your drug candidate with approved drugs, adverse effects and species specificity across drugs and drug classes. This data supports crucial decisions about the need for secondary testing.

Compatibility with other research solutions

As part of the Elsevier Life Science Solutions portfolio, PharmaPendium works in tandem with Reaxys, Reaxys Medicinal Chemistry, Embase and Pathway Studio. This connection lets you access even more information about your drug candidate, its interactions with other compounds and its behavior in vivo.

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