Pharmaceutical, agriculture and academia Research

Pharmaceutical, agriculture and academic research

Pathway Studio empowers pharma, agriculture and academia research

Bioinformaticians, computational biologists, therapeutic area biologists, systems biologists and researchers in the pharmaceutical, agricultural and academic sectors all use Pathway Studio to guide their work.

Pharmaceutical research

Pathway Studio guides target discovery and validation and helps anticipate potential downstream conflicts, increasing your research efficiency and confidence. Use Pathway Studio to capture internal knowledge in the form of molecular models of disease progression or therapeutic approach. Develop a thorough knowledge of targets, pathways, diseases, binding partners, observed adverse outcomes, potential biological side-effects and more. You can also incorporate information like patent status, approved and failed drugs and competitive information. Combine data from experimental assays such as siRNA screens, phosphorylation experiments, mass spec and genomics and gene expression screens. Perform in silico biomarker discovery to identify candidates and to prioritize laboratory validation experiments.

Expand your pharmaceutical tool set by adding the compound-centric knowledgebase ChemEffect® and the disease-centric knowledgebase DiseaseFx™ to your Pathway Studio Mammalian subscription.

Agriculture research

Agriculture research

Pathway Studio Plant integrates established knowledge from model organisms with experimental data provided by plant researchers to power efficient commercial and academic crop production and protection research. Top agricultural companies use Pathway Studio Plant to explore plant breeding through trait analysis and identify the genes, metabolic networks and signaling pathways involved in drought sensitivity, disease resistance and crop yield.

Academic research

Scientists in academia are expected to set the leading edge in research, and Pathway Studio is your perfect tool for meeting that challenge. With comprehensive molecular data and broad flexibility, it can address regular tasks as well as novel challenges. Pathway Studio speeds the research process to reveal insights that produce fresh perspectives, assuring stronger publications and more confident proposals.

Benefit from Pathway Studio's many features, including a high-quality knowledgebase of molecular facts with sentence level evidence, flexible import processes and powerful algorithms that leverage the knowledgebase to interpret experimental data. Pathway Studio includes an open data model for easy integration with other research tools, best-in-class publication tools and complete libraries of reference pathways spanning disease, metabolism and signaling.