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Pathway Studio Release February 2014

The latest version of Pathway Studio for Web and Enterprise platforms has a number of exciting updates. Since August 2013, over 90 new Journals, tens of thousands of full-text articles, and large numbers of new relationships and facts have been added to the knowledgebase. This number will continue to increase as new articles are added on a weekly basis, making the Pathway Studio knowledgebase the most comprehensive collection available of extracted facts and relationships on human genes and proteins.

Functional enhancements in this edition include improved selection and filtering of entities when building pathways, and improvements in pathway layout functions including alignment and resize functionalities, the ability to include a legend in the pathway, and to color-code groups and pathways based on the type of experimental data.

The online Quick Start guides have been updated and the customer support site has been completely revamped, contributing to significant improvements in customer usability. In addition, Enterprise customers now have the option of hosting Pathway Studio on the Amazon E2C cloud environment, in addition to hosting the database locally, or having Elsevier host the application.  Regardless of platform, your data is still secure.