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Mammalian: build your molecular models

The ultimate biological exploration tool

Pathway Studio Mammalian integrates published research findings for human, mouse and rat, and is specifically designed to support human research. Using Pathway Studio Mammalian, you can build molecular models that give a new perspective on a biological process such as drug action and disease progression. Explore the mammalian knowledgebase using Pathway Studio's data mining tools and interactive graphic environment to connect individual facts and produce new insights.

Pathway Studio Mammalian Fact Sheet

Subscription Benefits:

  • Internet-based access via Pathway Studio Web or license to use the Pathway Studio Enterprise software
  • Access to the Mammalian knowledgebase
  • Regularly issued data content and software updates
  • Telephone/web based technical support
  • In-product and interactive FAQ to provide real-time support

Pathway Studio DiseaseFx™ and ChemEffect®

Pathway Studio has two specialized databases that can extend your research capabilities:

ChemEffect links published information on small molecules, chemicals and approved drugs to their effects on biological systems, such as proteins, pathway and cellular processes. This information helps you profile drug candidates against thoroughly researched compounds to infer potential biological side effects, find metabolizing enzymes and determine drug mechanism of action. ChemEffect can contribute to your drug repurposing research and help you identify alternative indications.

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DiseaseFx supports in-house in silico biomarker discovery programs and pathway analysis of experimental data so researchers can make new discoveries, develop hypotheses and create disease-specific mechanistic models. DiseaseFx contains information from the published literature about changes in gene or protein expression, metabolite concentration, gene mutations and epigenetic changes associated with diseases. Linking diseases with information from, DiseaseFx enables you to smoothly transition from molecular observations to disease and clinical observations potential therapies.

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