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Pathway Studio ChemEffect®

Profile drug actions and effects

ChemEffect® links published information on small molecules, chemicals and approved drugs to their effects on biological systems, such as proteins, pathways and cellular processes. This information helps you profile drug candidates against thoroughly researched compounds to infer potential biological side effects, find metabolizing enzymes and determine drug mechanism of action.

Pathway Studio ChemEffect

Pathway Studio ChemEffect

Applying existing knowledge to drug repurposing challenges

ChemEffect can contribute to your drug repurposing research and help you identify alternative indications for drugs in your portfolio. It helps you apply existing research about compounds that affect your target proteins, pathways and processes and identifies therapeutic outcomes that may be applicable to your compound under investigation.

Adding ChemEffect to Pathway Studio

ChemEffect is available as an option, bundled with DiseaseFx™, in Pathway Studio Web, or as an independent add-on component for Pathway Studio Enterprise. ChemEffect for Pathway Studio Enterprise also includes a text-mining module that lets you extract compound-centric information from in-house data warehouses, including your internal documents, to augment the knowledgebase and to develop a focused data resource for use with Pathway Studio.

Pathway Studio ChemEffect


DiseaseFx supports in-house in silico biomarker discovery programs and pathway analysis of experimental data so researchers can make new discoveries, develop hypotheses and create disease-specific mechanistic models.

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Pathway Studio Web

Pathway Studio Web conveniently runs on your web browser. No installation required! Elsevier maintains the high-performance servers that power Pathway Studio, and the latest content is added regularly.

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Pathway Studio Enterprise

A highly scalable configuration and software that can be installed directly on your server or hosted securely in the Amazon cloud, Pathway Studio Enterprise fits your infrastructure needs. An API allows you to integrate Pathway Studio with your compound libraries and bioinformatics pipeline.

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