Pathway Studio-Biological Research and Database

Improve your biological research

Make Pathway Studio your biology information solution

Pathway Studio is the ultimate decision support tool, helping researchers analyze and visualize disease mechanisms derived from published scientific data. Organizations use Pathway Studio to support target discovery and validation, to better understand the underlying mechanisms of disease in the context of literature-based and experimental evidence.

Our knowledgebase is built on content from trusted sources like Elsevier and high-quality peer-reviewed journals from other publishers, which helps researchers.

  • Develop and confirm hypotheses
  • Ask complex research questions
  • Access the evidence needed to get actionable answers

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Pathway Studio-Biological Research

Pathway-Studio-Biological Database

Pathway Studio supports your biological research

Pathway Studio offers an exhaustive resource of molecular interactions tagged to viewable sentences, along with biological inference tools that help unravel hidden biology in experimental data or literature–based evidence. Pathway Studio gives you direct access to sentences extracted from the literature, so that you can independently validate and determine the applicability of the specific facts to your research – you make the final choice about what information to include.

Advanced analytics

Pathway Studio helps you import, analyze and identify the biological causes and effects in high throughput data with advanced, automated analyses. Pathway Studio incorporates normalization and statistical tools along with flexible importers to enable analysis and visualization of gene expression, proteomics and metabolomics data.

Pathway Studio-Biological Research

Improved modeling

Browse our expertly-curated reference pathway libraries and use them as building blocks to assemble molecular models, or to "see" the impact of differentially expressed genes overlaid on disease, signaling and many more collections. Augment these models based on your own knowledge or with findings from your experimental research.

What's is in a Relationship?

Pathway Studio helps you unravel the hidden biology in data and literature. With our extensive knowledgebase of biological relationships you save time and find convincing support for your decisions.

Choose the Pathway Studio platform that's right for you

Pathway Studio Web

Pathway Studio Web conveniently runs on your web browser. No installation is required! Elsevier maintains the high performance servers that power Pathway Studio and the latest content is added regularly.

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Pathway Studio Enterprise

With a highly scalable client/server configuration and software that can be installed directly on your server or hosted securely in the Amazon cloud, Pathway Studio Enterprise gives you options to fit your infrastructure needs. An API allows you to integrate Pathway Studio with your compound libraries and bioinformatics pipeline. Our open data model is extensible to suit the your diverse research needs.

Select the knowledgebase aligned to your research

Pathway Studio is designed to work with several different data models. These knowledgebases have domain-specific dictionaries, ontologies and taxonomies that guide the text-mining technology used to build these storehouses. Each provides a different perspective on biological research. All work together or as single installation in the Pathway Studio architecture.

Pathway Studio Mammalian

Designed to promote research for humans, this is the ideal tool for pharmaceutical and basic research in academia, examining protein: protein interactions, Transcriptomics or target discovery research.

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Pathway Studio Plant

Designed for the specific needs of plant researchers, Pathway Studio Plant is used by many leading agricultural research companies to help guide decisions on plant breeding programs

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Information and tools designed for biologists

Whether you're a bioinformatician, computational biologist, therapeutic area biologist or systems biologist, with Pathway Studio you're always working with the latest published research. Search for facts on proteins, genes, diseases and drugs; analyze, experimental results and interpret data in a biological context; and build and visualize disease models representing the underlying mechanisms of your research area.

Biologists and bioinformatician

Access even more

Get direct access to more than 3.15 million molecular interaction relationships and 20 million sentences of evidence, combined with analytical and visualization algorithms that use this knowledgebase to interpret literature-based and experimental evidence and inference algorithms to contextualize findings into curated pathways.

Integrate multiple analyses

Our library features more than 1,100 curated pathways for inspection and analysis, as well as interactive tools for the creation of statics molecular models and best-in-class graphics for data mining and publishing.