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Teaching, engaging with technology, or just being practical – there are as many reasons for becoming an Advisor as there are for using Mendeley.  Whatever yours might be, here's your chance to join thousands of like-minded people.

We're recruiting a select group of power users who are enthusiastic about Mendeley to be official representatives at their Universities or Institutions.

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For Academic Librarians

awardMendeley Certification Program for Librarians

Become a Certified Mendeley Librarian and secure a Mendeley Premium Upgrade for 500 users at your institution – at no cost.

Mendeley is a free reference manager and academic social network that helps researchers to organize their research, share and discover papers and collaborate with others. Mendeley is used by over 3.8 million researchers worldwide.

Do you often receive questions about Mendeley from your patrons and would like to know more about it? Please read on...

I love any development programme that is aimed at enhancing Librarians. I am hoping that enthusiastic shelvers like myself who are willing to learn more will be given a chance. - Librarian from South Africa

This program is for YOU if you'd like to:

  • Learn as much as possible about Mendeley so you can confidently train others;
  • Be recognized for your efforts by becoming certified & receiving valuable benefits (including access to promotional material and an account upgrade);
  • Receive additional support from the Mendeley team;
  • Be able to do all this – at no additional cost to your institution!

Thanks for offering this wonderful opportunity to Librarians! Just what I need! - Librarian from South Africa

IN A NUTSHELL, the certification program is:

  • An opportunity to deep-dive into Mendeley while following a structured, self-paced, self-study program that will take you approximately 15-20 hours to complete;
  • Divided into three levels, each level offers a valuable benefit for your library and user community (see chart below)
  • Renewable: Each year, upon successful completion of our upgrading requirements, you get to continue your premium Mendeley access at no additional cost.




Approx. Time Requirement


Get to know Mendeley

Join "Certified Librarians" Mendeley group with premium-access upgrade, early previews upcoming product releases

2-6 hours


Dive Deeper into Mendeley

Mendeley promotional material (value $250)*

4-8 hours


Promote Mendeley

1 year Mendeley upgrade for 500 users**

2-6 hours

Annual Refresher

New Mendeley features and various library sciences topics such as altmetrics, open access, collaboration, etc.

Maintain certification status and continue premium access

4 hours (attendance at 3 sessions, each 60-90 minutes)

*Limited to three Level 2 rewards per institution per year
**Limited to two Level 3 rewards per institution per year 

What we provide:

  • All the learning materials you need to complete your certification program (includes technical/functional product information, user adoption strategies and planning, teaching guidance and information about other common library sciences topics);
  • Regularly scheduled Mendeley demonstrations (online) for you to join or access the recording;
  • Regular contact via email to assist you with any questions or concerns as you proceed through the program;
  • Benefits along the way - upon successful completion of each of the 3 levels.

Looking forward to this and thanks for providing the certification program! - Librarian from the United States


Before I sign up, please tell me more about Mendeley

  • Anyone can sign up for a free Mendeley account at
  • Here is an overview of the Mendeley Premium Upgrade you would receive upon successful completion of the certification program:

Tell me what I can get for completing the Certification Program

Once librarians have completed all three levels of certification, their institution receives a free premium Mendeley upgrade for up to 500 of their users for the current calendar year. The upgrade includes:

  • Increase in personal library size for each user, from 2 GB to 5 GB
  • Increase in group storage, from 100 MB to 20 GB
  • Increase in private group size, from three to 25 members
  • Increase in number of private groups, from one to unlimited

I am looking forward to gaining expertise in Mendeley. - Librarian from the United States

This upgrade is renewable each year if the librarian completes an annual refresher, which includes four to six hours of webinars covering product updates and the latest scholarly topics.

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For Mendeley Institutional Edition customers

Mendeley Institutional Edition can play a key role in institutional content and research management. These resources have been created to help you drive Mendeley awareness and adoption in your institution, for the benefit of your library and the researchers you serve.

Follow the Mendeley Blog for more product updates and news, and sign up to hear the recorded Mendeley webinars

The Mendeley Institutional Edition support portal answers Questions and offers  Articles about it.

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For all Mendeley users

While it's easy to get started with Mendeley, there's always something new and useful to learn. We offer a range of Help Guides, Videos and Tutorials which provide helpful information with for all users, from novices to ninjas.

Mendeley Tutorial

Trainings, demos, and inspiration from expert users of Elsevier's world class scholarly research and publishing tools.

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Trainings, demos, and inspiration from expert users of Elsevier's world class scholarly research and publishing tools.