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Knovel for engineers

Engineers use Knovel to power towns, rebuild bridges, design power plants and introduce dynamic new products to the market.

Knovel lets you streamline the process of finding, using and sharing valuable information via the tight integration of validated content from trusted sources, search optimized for engineers, and analysis tools that help you find and incorporate data into your everyday work.

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Engineering industry

Engineering Managers

Knovel for engineering managers

Knovel is specifically focused on the engineering community and has earned a reputation as a trusted source of critical information, helping more than 700 organizations stay competitive in a tough market.

Knovel's interactive tools, validated content and a search engine optimized for engineering gives teams a clear advantage when taking on major projects. Plus, Knovel's ease of use has a positive effect on an engineers' job satisfaction as well as your bottom line.

Knovel for librarians

Featuring interactive tools and an optimized search, Knovel will help your patrons find the solutions they need in one precise and user-friendly platform.

Knovel continuously adds new content to help engineers keep pace with market drivers and evolving industries such as nanotechnology. We work with an Editorial Board of Advisors to ensure Knovel's content is relevant and to prioritize content additions as new trends emerge.

Information professionals or librarians can also choose from a variety of different packages and subject areas, to ensure content is focused on your organization's specific needs.


Faculty and Educators

Knovel for faculty and educators

Colleges and universities around the world rely on Knovel as a trusted provider of technical information for career preparation and development.

Faculty and educators around the world rely on Knovel because it offers their students what they need most: a consistent and trusted engineering tool that directly prepares them for their career.

Knovel user stories

Learn about how engineering faculties are using Knovel as a trusted academic tool to prepare students for their careers.

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