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Aerospace & Defense

New technologies and complex systems continually challenge the training and expertise of engineers working for Aerospace and Defense companies.

Engineers that use Knovel have an advantage over peers who do not. In a recent user survey, 23% of respondents said they would spend roughly one day more per month finding and analyzing information without access to Knovel.

Knovel's unique features and vetted data collections are the reason that seven of the world's top 10 Aerospace and Defense companies use Knovel for trusted engineering-focused answers.

Defense and Aerospace Research

"Knovel saves me around 5 to 6 hours a week looking for reference material. It is fully traceable, always kept
up-to-date, and complies with QA Audit requirements."

Engineer, BAE

"I use the data search tool to find materials properties. I like that I can type in parameters, and Knovel will tell me which materials fit those criteria."

Structural Design Analyst (Aerospace),
Major Engineering Company

Chemicals research


Knovel provides guidance and best-practice information to support faster, safer, and more efficient processing, production, and development of specialty chemicals.

With fluctuating raw materials prices, evolving environmental regulations, and new safety requirements, Engineering Managers are challenged to optimize manufacturing operations to decrease costs and reinvest savings into new products and production technologies to maintain competitive position.

Engineers need answers to technical questions they can trust, and it's little surprise that a recent user survey showed that a third of respondents said Knovel helps them reduce their project completion time by at least 15%.

"Knovel has vast content devoted to our industry, plus its unique interactive graphs and charts have a technological edge over anything else I have seen."

Peter Bowler, Polyon

"I needed to estimate the vapor pressure of chemicals at elevated temperatures. Nine of the last 10 chemicals I needed could be found in Knovel... where I could see a graph and pick a vapor pressure for any temperature I needed. I did this in two hours for nine substances versus a literature search and a reconstruction of data to estimate the equation to determine vapor pressure - 40 hours at least for nine substances."

Chemical Engineer, Top 10 Chemical Company

Engineering Design

Design engineers, whose training and expertise are repeatedly stretched by the high variation between projects and the ever more interdisciplinary nature of engineering, find that time pressures are relentless and it's common to encounter situations where project specifications and team knowledge are not sufficient.

That's why Engineering Design firms turn to Knovel to get up to speed in new areas, develop new or improved designs, and meet compliance and regulatory requirements.

In a recent survey, 44% of respondents were able to execute more projects with the time savings afforded by using Knovel, and 38% were able to explore more iterations to ensure they were delivering the highest-quality work possible.

Engineering design

"Using Knovel, I found critical information early in the design phase, so I didn't waste time wandering down the wrong path. I'd estimate that checking Knovel first to optimize the process design saved me at least a month of rework time, significantly condensing the project timeline and improving process quality."

Associate Process/Specialty Engineer,
Major Engineering Company

"Knovel can help with my projects by providing ready access to engineering/technical information at my desktop, and access to a technological tool that will aid in development and retention of top engineering talent."

Mechanical Engineer & VP, Parsons Corporation

Equipment Manufacturing

Equipment Manufacturing

Whether it's working on designs for the next generation of equipment or customizing an existing platform that handles venting and power constraints in the facility where it will be installed, engineers face constant change and need reliable answers fast.

Knovel provides guidance and best-practice information on product development topics spanning material selection and tolerances, heat transfer, fluid dynamics, vibration, plastics, environmental impacts, compliance, and more, and in less time.

"Ready access to credible technical information and the ability to quickly filter down information pertinent to projects is a powerful tool for product delivery. Information is up-to-date, credible, and covers a wide range of technical topics. Filtering tools are extremely powerful and provide flexible presentation capability."

Engineer, Major Appliance Manufacturer

"Knovel allows you to search a more comprehensive list of possible sources of information rather than having to rely on the information you may have acquired over time, which quickly becomes outdated."

Six Sigma Black Belt-2 & Design Engineer, Caterpillar

Oil & Gas

Engineering Managers in Oil & Gas industries are challenged to control costs, comply with regulations and increase asset utilization – shortages of skilled and experienced workers only add to the pressure.

Knovel provides the world's leading Oil & Gas companies with access to reliable guidance and best-practice information on a range of topics including drilling techniques, fluid dynamics, rig and pipeline construction, material strengths and process design, plant safety, environmental impacts, and compliance.

Oil and Gas

"Finding the answer quickly meant getting the pipeline back up the same day, which translated into avoiding $1M a day in lost revenue."

Production Engineer, Major Oil Company

"Knovel is very useful when a specific piece of data is needed. I like the interactive graphs and calculations, the use of Boolean operators to focus a search, and the references to sources that could be found within a 'hit'."

R&D Chemist, Oilfield Technology Group

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