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Corporate Customer Case Studies

Knovel Spotlight - Monroe Energy

To accelerate production and optimize core processes, Monroe Energy chose Knovel.

Knovel Customer Spotlight: Monroe EnergyPDF

Case Study Monroe energy

Case Study Arup

Knovel Spotlight - Arup

The values of collaboration and worldwide interconnectedness inspired the London-based firm to choose Knovel.

Knovel Customer Spotlight: ArupPDF

Knovel Spotlight - Apache

While Apache has always used effective management and innovation to optimize its resources, with Knovel, the resource is not energy, it is information.

Knovel Customer Spotlight: ApachePDF

Case Study Apache

Case Study Amec

Knovel Spotlight - Amec

Various divisions in the company now subscribe to Knovel based on a combination of factors, including Knovel's "size of collection, ease of use, the up-to-date collections, special features, pricing and relevancy of materials."

Knovel Customer Spotlight: AmecPDF

Knovel Spotlight - Donaldson

Innovation is a constant theme of Donaldson's success. That's why Donaldson spends millions of dollars on research and development each year. It's also why Donaldson formed a partnership with Knovel in 2003.

Knovel Customer Spotlight: DonaldsonPDF

Case Study Donaldson

Case Study BP

Knovel Spotlight - BP

To serve the multidisciplinary needs of global project teams, BP needed a resource offering the reference information necessary for employees to perform their many varied functions across diverse business units. As a strictly online resource, Knovel allowed BP to be more nimble when it came to research and development.

Knovel Customer Spotlight: BPPDF

Knovel Spotlight - Bechtel

Bechtel engineer Perry Munsinger used to spend thousands of dollars traveling around the globe, packing stacks of personal notebooks and handbooks filled with the basic information needed to get his job done. No longer. Now, with Knovel, Bechtel's engineers have online access to up-to-date data that supports their projects.

Knovel Customer Spotlight: BechtelPDF

Case Study Bechtel

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