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Academic Customer Case Studies

Knovel Spotlight - University of Washington

"Don't ever stop learning." That's the advice structural engineer Zach Brown offers not only to students, but to all science and engineering professionals—beginners and veterans.

University of WashingtonPDF

University of Washington Case Study

University of Buffalo case study

Knovel Spotlight - University at Buffalo

Where should engineering students begin their research? Knovel's online technical resources "are the first place we look," says Ben Wagner, Subject Specialist at the University at Buffalo.

University at BuffaloPDF

Knovel Spotlight - Oklahoma State University

"Databases [like Knovel] are credible, complete and reflect the complexity of engineering," says Kevin Drees, Engineering Librarian at Oklahoma State University.

Oklahoma State UniversityPDF

Oklahoma State University case study

Nanyang Technological University case Study

Knovel Spotlight - NTU

Knovel's information and interactive tools provide real value to engineering students, especially the interactive tools.

Nanyang Technological UniversityPDF

Knovel Spotlight - Ecole Centrale

See why Ecole Centrale considers searchable, online technical resources like Knovel essential to modern scientific study.

Ecole Centrale PDF

Ecole Centrale case study

METU case study

Knovel Spotlight - METU

"The infrastructure of Knovel is very user friendly," says Emre Hasan Akbayrak, Associate Director of the Middle East Technical University Library. "I have talked to many of our students and faculty members, and they always say that Knovel is a really good product, and that it's really easy to use."

Middle East Technical UniversityPDF

Knovel Spotlight - University of Arkansas

Patricia Kirkwood, Engineering and Mathematics Librarian and associate professor at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, introduces students to the literature research skills necessary to complete their academic careers and find answers to real-world engineering problems that they meet in their internships and after they graduate.

University of ArkansasPDF

University of Arkansas case study

University College London case study

Knovel Spotlight - University College London

On the University College London (UCL) campus, Knovel is changing the way engineering students conduct research. Just ask UCL's Subject Librarian Lynne Meehan: "When people ask me for data, I always go to Knovel."

University College London PDF

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