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Knovel helps engineers save time, increase the quality of their work while avoiding costly mistakes, and incorporate validated information directly into their workflows. Leading universities have praised Knovel as a critical education tool for applied engineering, helping students and researchers to understand materials properties, find best practices in process and design, and access interactive equations and formulations.

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In the engineering workplace

Knovel has global recognition as a trusted provider of online technical information. Engineers use Knovel to power towns with wind farms, rebuild bridges, design power plants and introduce new products to market.

View these case studies to learn more about how our corporate customers are using Knovel.

In education

To build expertise and be competitive in a rapidly evolving global economy, faculty and students need access to relevant and reliable content and data. Whether users want to look up a chemical formula, compare properties of substances or research alternative energy sources, Knovel has it covered. Knovel is used by hundreds of thousands of professors, researchers, and engineering students from top engineering schools worldwide, including 31 of the top 50 World's Best Universities for Mechanical, Aeronautical, and Manufacturing Engineering.

View our academic case studies to learn how leading universities and research centers are benefiting from Knovel.

Information for Engineers in education

Industry Applications

Industry applications

See how Knovel adds value in the following industries:

Aerospace & Defense Chemicals Engineering Design Equipment Manufacturing Oil & Gas

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