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K-Exchange is the official Knovel blog. Through K-Exchange, readers can gain insight on the latest happenings at Knovel behind-the-scenes, and our view of the role information plays in the engineering world in general. Plus our Monday Link Review, and Craig the Rocket Scientist every Thursday!

Knovel Engineering Cases tell the stories of engineers who have applied innovative theories and new technologies to both common and uncommon challenges.

The Admin Companion Guide aims to help you learn what's new at Knovel and provides best practice tips on how to share targeted updates about new content, webinars and other information with your engineering community.


K News is Knovel's quarterly newsletter updating readers on what's happening not only on Knovel, but throughout the engineering world.

Knovel Solution Stories demonstrate how problems can be solved using Knovel. A real life problem or use case is presented, followed by a detailed, easy-to-follow walkthrough of how to use Knovel to find solutions.
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As part of Knovel's Promotional Package program, Knovel gives account holders of access to two handbooks, databases, and conference proceedings every week. Featured content is chosen Knovel's comprehensive subject areas, and many times include some of the most recent content available. To gain access, sign up for our Promotional Package or use your organization's subscription.

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