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With Knovel, not only can engineers locate the trusted data they need, but they can work with what they find and extract data for further analysis. Knovel's tools normalize information across sources and bring content to life by making tables, charts, equations, plotters and graphs interactive.

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Math is central to engineers

Knovel has over 100,000 interactive objects powered by a sophisticated math engine for greater precision. These unique tools, on top of authoritative content, help you find answers, not just information.

Integrating with engineering tools

Engineers must to be able to incorporate data into tools like Excel and CAD software for further analysis and workflow integration. Data from Knovel is easily integrated with analysis tools, helping engineers to be even more productive.

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Knovel search widget

A widget is a tiny application that you can run on your computer desktop or on the web. Knovel's search widget provides a direct connection to all of the technical references, materials databases and interactive tools available on Knovel.  With the Knovel search widget, you'll have one click access to Knovel. Rather than searching for access via your corporate intranet and clicking through several web pages or sifting through your bookmarks, use the Widget to access Knovel quickly and conveniently!

For your own use, download the widget (Windows, Mac OS X) directly to your desktop or embed it on your website.

Click here to learn more about Knovel search widget authentication for academic institutions.

Knovel's Excel add-in

Knovel's Excel add-in installs a tab to your Excel desktop that provides one-click access to Knovel's search and unit conversion tools. Click here to install the Excel add-in.

Knovel Quick Search

Knovel Quick Search is a search plugin integrating Knovel content with popular engineering software tools, providing a direct connection to all the technical references and material databases available on Knovel directly through the tools you already work with in on a daily basis. You can also filter the relevant search results to those within your Knovel subscription.

You can download the plugin from the Autodesk App Store for Revit and Inventor.

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