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Whether researching product development and design options, or safety and compliance materials, you need a depth and breadth of credible technical information to support innovation. Knovel offers authoritative engineering content, selected from the most trusted sources and delivered to engineers quickly and with extreme precision.

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Engineering Research

Exclusive critical content

Ensuring engineers have access to hard-to-find technical information is a priority, and when critical content is not available from partners, Knovel strategically works with renowned experts to create it. Knovel's Critical Content line includes Knovel Critical Tables and Knovel Critical Databases, with interactive tables, graphs and data compiled from authoritative sources.

Knovel uses a rigorous content selection process

Knovel's Editorial Advisory Board provides deep engineering experience and leadership to steer the development and prioritization of Knovel's ongoing additions of content and editorial features. Knovel also proactively engages with customers and engineers in the field to provide the most relevant information available .

Engineering Development

Explore Knovel's vast range of content spanning more than 30 unique subject areas

Don't just find information—incorporate, analyze and manipulate it as easily as sorting a spreadsheet. Extracting data into Excel is simple, seamless and preserves information for future documentation and reference.

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