Who Uses illumin8?


Who Uses i8


Our customers come from a wide range of industries and backgrounds. Innovation leaders in search of insight, R&D scientists on the cusp of a new discovery, and engineers from leading Fortune 500 companies across the globe are among those using illumin8 to keep up with emerging technologies, key players, and new product applications in fast-changing markets.


New Product Developers

In today's market, no company can rest on its laurels – developing exciting new products is a necessity. illumin8 is designed to help you make smart product and partnering decisions as you bring fresh ideas to market. With the ability to do opportunity analysis quickly and thoroughly, you can accelerate both the product development cycle and business growth.


R&D Professionals

Inspiring new ideas and fostering an innovative, vibrant culture – while also focusing on the best investments and avoiding low-value initiatives – is the great challenge that R&D professionals face. illumin8 empowers you to make tough decisions with confidence and efficiency while enabling you to explore opportunities in new product applications, technologies, and markets.


Technology Scouts

It's your mission to identify technologies worth investing in. In your search for promising technologies and licensing opportunities, illumin8 can provide valuable insights by way of its intelligent searching capabilities. Research both the benefits and drawbacks of a technology, learn about new approaches, and uncover potential partners, all with the help of illumin8.


Business Development Professionals

Ultimately, innovation is about growing and developing a business, and illumin8 is a great ally in that pursuit. Fully monetize investments in technology by moving into adjacent or new markets. Impact the bottom line by increasing margins and capital utilization. illumin8 is just the tool you need to support your business development goals.