Quickstart Guide


It begins with the search

Enter the name of a technology or topic that you want to learn about.

Begins With a Search


Your results are first displayed in the EXPLORE section of the tool. Results are extracted from the full text and metadata of a document or web page. Results are more relevant when they have a clear linguistic relationship to the research topic.


Organize Results

Illumin8 organizes results, giving you an overview of an opportunity space and revealing relationships you may not find with any other tool. Concepts and entities related to your research topic are highlighted, including potential competitors and suppliers, experts, products, and scientific approaches.

Organize Results

The Results Pane

When you click on a result, the relevant document is displayed below in the results pane.

Results Pane

Refine Results

A simple click allows you to refine your results and what is displayed from the current result set.



There are various filters available in the left-hand panes that allow you to limit the parameters of the results displayed.



Evaluate the pros and cons with the EVALUATE section of illumin8. Learn about Problems (failures of a technology, challenges with a method or process) and Benefits (current applications of a technology, potential uses). View detailed breakdowns of results, compare one problem or benefit with another, and look at informative trend graphs.


Put it in Context

See up to 10 results on a single graph, or compare side-by-side views of the journal and patent activity of two results, such as two technologies, competitors, partners, or products. View the results' related products, approaches, organizations and people, and problems and benefits.

Put in context

Report Discoveries

Embed critical insights into your current workflow with illumin8 Reports:

  • Summarize your analysis of a new technology, product application, competitor, or unfamiliar market space
  • Build shortlists with notes for assessing potential partners, suppliers, and experts
  • Highlight the most relevant results and records from each source
  • Add graphs to visually identify trends from category results
  • Output your findings in a customizable document that's ready to share

Report Discoveries

Additional Features

And there's more. Additional features in illumin8 allow you to:

  • Receive alerts when new content related to your research topic becomes available
  • Export search results in an Excel spreadsheet
  • Save within illumin8

addintional features