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General Questions

1. What types of research projects does illumin8 help with?

illumin8 helps with research projects in any industry. R&D and innovation projects, projects occurring at the front-end of innovation, and technology scouting are among the many areas in which illumin8 can provide vital assistance. illumin8 is also highly useful for exploring new product applications, finding potential partner organizations or individuals, new opportunities in product development, and finding new markets for existing technologies.

2. Is illumin8 secure?

Yes, illumin8 is completely secure. Knowing that our customers use illumin8 to perform confidential searches and to create private reports, we are deeply committed to ensuring that this sensitive information remains carefully guarded. Through the use of industry standard security measures, including around-the-clock system protection, state-of-the-art authentication technology, and highly secure data exchange protocols, we provide outstanding 24/7 protection for all illumin8 users. For more information, please see a white paper on the topic, available at

3. How is illumin8 unique from other research tools?

illumin8 provides a search strategy when questions and approaches to a new project or research topic are still vague—or when a research topic is completely new to the researcher or relevant keywords are unknown. It searches not only scientific journals or the web, but BOTH, as well as patent offices, providing a landscape view that enables the user to pursue a more refined search strategy from a variety of directions. illumin8 provides an easy interface to visually assess trends and to make comparisons between topics or entities, and it also offers easy exportation of results to Word document reports, allowing users to effortlessly disseminate their findings.

Content Base

1. What scientific articles and publishers are included in illumin8's search index?

illumin8 indexes full-text articles from ScienceDirect and abstracts from Scopus. (Scopus includes publishers beyond Elsevier.)
Download a complete list of full text journal titles
Download a complete list of abstracts, trade publications and book series titles

2. Which patent offices are indexed?

WIPO, United States, European, UK, and Japan.

3. Which news sources and web pages are indexed?

illumin8's news and web sources are too numerous to list! But rest assured that all major news, industry, and trade pages are indexed, as well as government and company websites. We can also include a non-indexed site at the request of our customers. However, please be aware that we don't index Facebook, Twitter, or ecommerce sites such as Amazon. Please email us at to add additional domains.

4. How current is the content base? How quickly does a news item or patent document show up in the tool?

News, patent, and journal content is indexed daily.

Training and Customer Support

1. Where can I find online user guides and how-to videos?

Online user guides and how-to videos can be found on the website by selecting Training and Support.

2. Is there a person I can speak to about my project?

For training inquiries or questions about illumin8's capabilities, please email us at At this time, Elsevier does not provide research or reporting services.

Features and Functionality

1. What search strategies can I use to get the best results?

When searching, focus on a technology, problem, or market. Phrase your query in 2-4 words that occur naturally in text and in language. Avoid searching on proper names or phrasing queries in the form of a sentence or a question. You should also always spell out acronyms in a search.

2. What is a semantic search and how is it better than a regular search?

A semantic search reads and analyzes the relationship between words as they appear in a sentence in order to determine their meaning. Semantic searches make use of synonyms and meaning based on context.

The semantic search technology is designed to improve search accuracy by understanding searcher intent and the contextual meaning of terms as they appear in the searchable content base in order to generate more relevant results. In illumin8's case, the proprietary semantic search technology is designed to best address the needs of professionals who are exploring new and unfamiliar topics, such as new markets, products, and technologies.

Because illumin8's semantic search does the work in reading and understanding relationships between entities from a huge volume of documents and web pages for the user, it can uncover insights that users would have missed or taken a lot longer to find.

3. If I search on a company or person's name, do the result categories change?

illumin8 is designed to answer questions about a technology. For example, what company is developing or using a technology, or what are products that could enhance it? If your topic is a person or company, the questions that illumin8 asks do not change—nor do the result categories.

4. How do the date filters work?

Content is ordered by the date of publication. Applying a date filter will show the documents that were published in that particular year. Note that web content does not have dates associated with it, so applying a date filter excludes all web content.

5. How do the geographic filters work?

The geography filters are not based on a semantic search but instead on a keyword search for locations. So sometimes the geography you select is present in the result text, but isn't necessarily about where the subject of the piece takes place or even where it was published or written.

6. How do category trend graphs work?

The category trends graphs depict the number of journal and patent documents per category (e.g., organizations, products) for the past ten years.

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Quickly browse this online PDF to get started or discover features that you may have previously overlooked.


Quickly browse this online PDF to get started or discover features that you may have previously overlooked.


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