Illumin8 Summer 2013 Product Release: Improved Data Visualization Capabilities


Illumin8 is pleased to be offering new enhancements to its visual charts and capabilities, providing users with more options for comparing, integrating, and sharing valuable and visual insights that are extracted from the diverse and trusted content sources indexed by illumin8.

Users will now find that the Compare feature has been upgraded to offer the option of comparing multiple items from categorized search results such as companies, products, approaches, problems and benefits, in one graph. With the new "Plot Results" function, users will be able to create tailored graphs with up to 10 results related to a search topic. This capability empowers users to visualize trends based on the volume of patent and journal activity for a specified time period.


There are numerous benefits to these illumin8 upgrades. Visualizations greatly increase the clarity of a presentation, helping researchers to better understand the data being used and to draw clear and correct inferences. Users can effortlessly integrate charts into presentations and share with colleagues. Furthermore, these changes enhance overall research capabilities, allowing users to visually identify trends and analyze markets and competitors in order to better formulate strategic decisions. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words – and now illumin8 is making it even easier to create those informative images.

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