illumin8 Quarterly Newsletter for Users - Summer 2012


Managing Bright Ideas: The Importance of Wedding Innovation Management and Business Strategy

Today, innovation drives business and the companies that understand that best are the ones leading the way. But good ideas aren't enough without smart business strategies. While the popular notion is that innovation is the inspiration of a single genius, the truth is that it is most often the result of careful management and a sound strategy for execution. That is why it's crucial for a company to build the integration of innovation and management into its very structure.

Managing Bright Ideas

Webinar Recording: Beyond R&D Project Selection: Getting Past Today's Practices

Hear why focusing on your portfolio objectives can result in fewer risks and greater rewards. Highlighting the need to re-think the way that projects are selected, speaker J.D. Linton, Editor-in-Chief of Technovation and Power Corporation Professor for the Management of Technological Enterprises at the University of Ottawa, discusses subjects as:

  • Moving from choosing the best project to choosing the best portfolio of projects
  • Successfully managing your organization's R&D portfolio
  • How science, technology, and innovation projects are different
Jonathan Linton

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