illumin8 Quarterly Newsletter for Users - Winter 2013


10 Things To Do (and Not Do) To Enhance Innovative Potential

It's a new year again – a time to look back at the year just ended and a time to start things anew. As you think about how to make this year better than the last, we offer 10 things that might help make this year better – and move innovative.


Patent Envy - Should Your Company Be Patenting Its Way To Success in Innovation?

Thomson Reuters recently released its list of the Top 100 Global Innovators, and the list included such well-known names as Google, Apple, Boeing, Dow, Exxon, and Microsoft. In creating this list of movers and shakers, patent activity was used as the prime indicator for measuring innovation, so clearly Thomson Reuters sees a crucial connection between patenting and innovating. This belief is not universally shared, though, as the rise of patent trolling and patent wars between software companies has created some cynicism around prolific patenting. Nonetheless, the list does not lie - anyone with a passing interest in technology knows that Apple, Google, and Microsoft are true innovators, so if they are patenting at a high rate, the importance of keeping up with your own patents (and those of your competition) cannot be denied.


Search Strategies

We've created a Search Strategy document to help you make the most of your illumin8 searches and get to innovating as fast as possible.