Spring 2013 Product Release: Conference Proceedings


March 8th sees an important new release from illumin8, the research tool that provides innovation and R&D professionals with actionable insights from scientific, patent, and news content. Based on customer feedback, the release includes the added filter of conference proceedings.Read on about which conference proceedings are included in illumin8.

Content from Scopus

Conference material covered by Scopus is one of two varieties: as special issues of regular journals or as dedicated conference proceedings. Nearly 10% of the Scopus database is comprised of conference papers (3.6 million), of which 1 million are published in journals and the remaining 2.6 million in conference proceedings

Conference coverage in Scopus is focused primarily on those subject areas where conference papers represent a substantial portion of published research, e.g. engineering, computer science, and some areas of physics.

Content from ScienceDirect

Conference proceedings from ScienceDirect come from journals and books. Because ScienceDirect book content is not currently indexed by illumin8, conference proceedings from books is not available.

To see the list of the specific source for our conference proceedings update, please click here:

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