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illumin8 Product Releases

Information about illumin8's most recent and upcoming product releases

Spring 2014 Product Release

illumin8 now enables you to copy abstracts from journals, patents, and conference proceedings, as well as patent claims, to your Clipboard. This new feature adds to the range of different possibilities for exporting your search results in illumin8. Learn more.

Winter 2013-2014 Product Release

In response to user feedback, illumin8's Winter 2013-2014 product release introduces improved Excel export functionality to help you more easily identify the top documents from your search results. Learn more.

Fall 2013 Product Releases

illumin8's first Fall 2013 product release sees the inclusion of new search features and improvements to the Compare section. Learn more.

illumin8's second Fall 2013 release sees the enhancement of illumin8 premium content by the addition of Abstracts from Journals, Patents and Conference proceedings, and a new search filter that enables users to refine patent results by patent status (Application or Granted). Learn more.

Summer 2013 Product Release

Powerful enhancements to the visualization capabilities of illumin8 were launched, providing users with more options for comparing, integrating, and sharing valuable graphic insights from our trusted content base. Learn more.

Spring 2013 Product Release

As of March 8 2013, indexed content filters expand to include the filtering conference proceedings. Learn more.

Summer 2012 Product Release

More customized results with saved search and deleted results and documents. We've added a few features that allow you to save searches to re-run easily, and that allow you to delete documents and results from your search results. Learn more.

Spring 2012 Product Release

New enhanced views with more insights. We've made a few changes to improve how illumin8 helps you quickly extract and integrate insights from trusted scientific, patent, news, and web sources. Learn more.

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