About illumin8


About i8


1. Specialized Search Technology That Reveals the Bigger Picture

illumin8 uses proprietary semantic-search technology that enables users to discover connections and insights that are usually buried
in volumes of content.

Through natural language processing, it immediately reveals relationships between topics, technologies, products, organizations, and experts by "reading" the content and categorizing results.


2. A Uniquely Comprehensive Content Base

illumin8 indexes a cross-industry and multi-category content base and allows users to set up email notifications to ensure reliable access to the latest and best scientific and technology insights.

  • Journals and Abstracts:
    • 9 million+ scientific and technical full text articles
      from 2,500 Elsevier journals
    • 49 million+ scientific records from Elsevier
      and 5,000+ publishers
    • 360 book series and 400 trade publications
  • News and Web:
    • Billions of web pages
    • 25,000+ online business, technical, and trade news sources
    • Ability to add additional domains by emailing
  • Patents:
    • 24 million+ patents from 5 patent offices worldwide
      (WIPO, US, European, UK and Japan)

3. Web-based Access, Dashboard Views and Reporting Features

illumin8's four sections are designed to increase the user's productivity and efficiency, and share findings:

  • The EXPLORE section lets users quickly see the "who, what,
    and how" of an opportunity space through categorized results
    and interactive data charts.

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  • The EVALUATE section lets users better gauge whether it
    makes sense to pursue a technology or approach by
    highlighting potential problems and benefits.

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  • The COMPARE section lets users compare multiple results on one graph or simultaneously assess two chosen topics based
    on trends in volumes of published records, and relevant organizations, people, products, and approaches.

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  • The REPORT section lets users generate customizable documents to summarize and share key findings and
    analysis of research.

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