illumin8 is the ultimate tool for exploring new processes and technologies, locating promising partners, monitoring competitors, and learning about the possible risks and benefits to trying novel approaches or getting into unfamiliar markets.

By using an intelligent semantic search to sift through billions of web pages, thousands of journals, 25,000+ online news sources, and millions of global patents, illumin8 allows users to discover the who, what, and how of an opportunity space.

R&D professionals, technology scouts, business development professionals, and product developers from a range of industries are among those who use illumin8 for their work. illumin8 is a powerful discovery tool for anyone striving to innovate.

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Who Uses illumin8?

Product Developers, R&D Professionals and Technology Scouts rely on illumin8.

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Training & Support

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About illumin8

Specialized search technology delivers actionable insights from trusted content.