New ventures and exploration geoscientists

Geologists, geochemists and geophysicists from leading O&G and metals and mining companies around the world use Geofacets for assessing and prioritizing exploration prospects and plays. It complements the way geoscientists work through its map-based search and integration features, which ensure that users can find trusted scientific maps and uncover insights that might be buried in volumes of journal articles.

Geofacets - Geological Software

Geological Software

Exploration team managers and project leads

Managers of exploration teams and projects rely on Geofacets for rapid access to scientific maps and information that provide critical backup for business recommendations and decisions related to exploration opportunities. At the same time, as companies seek to exponentially grow their output from exploration activities, Geofacets helps team managers and project leads increase overall productivity and efficiency -- by enabling geoscientists to spend less time on searching and formatting, and more time on analysis and interpretation.

GIS experts and information specialists

For professionals who conduct geological information gathering and syntheses to support exploration projects, Geofacets is a goldmine of valuable maps and data. With downloadable and georeferenced map image files, specialized meta data and search filters, and individual maps accompanied by source article abstracts and links, Geofacets helps information and data experts get to the heart of what they need, and fast.

Geofacets - Geological Software

Geofacets User Stories

Learn about how Geofacets adds value to your exploration efforts in the words of our users.

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