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Together, Elsevier and the Society of Economic Geologists (SEG) have integrated over 15,000 geological maps from the society's esteemed journal, Economic Geology, into Geofacets. Each peer-reviewed map is downloadable, accompanied by metadata, and provides source information, including abstract and full-text PDF. Over 9,000 maps are georeferenced for easy integration into exploration projects. Newly published maps are continuously added for access to the latest information.


Economic Geology is widely recognized as the authoritative reference on ore deposit geology. Its content is particularly useful to researchers attempting to better understand geological processes, decision-makers attempting to assess mineral resource potential of areas, and explorationists attempting to discover new ore bodies.


This collaboration adds valuable metals and mineral data to Geofacets and further enhances research capabilities for geoscientists working in exploration, mineral resource appraisal, mining, and mineral extraction.


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Search, discover, integrate, and analyze over 15,000 geological maps with Geofacets, sourced from SEG's market-leading journal:

Economic Geology (1905 – present)

Contains the results of basic and applied research focused on the geology and genesis of ore deposits from throughout the world. Papers specifically include the most up-to-date geological maps of world-class ore deposits, and information regarding their tectonic setting, geological history, age of ore formation, mineralogy, hydrothermal alteration, geochemistry, structural geology, exploration guidelines, and processes of formation.

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