About the Geofacets-SEG Millennium Edition:

Elsevier and the Society of Economic Geologists (SEG) have collaborated to provide SEG members with a unique opportunity to gain individual access to thousands of geological maps from the market-leading journal Economic Geology through the Geofacets platform, an innovative map-based research tool designed by geoscientists for geoscientists. These maps are downloadable, georeferenced, and accompanied by metadata, article abstracts and links to original source articles.


Use Geofacets' innovative features designed for geoscientists:

  • Search for map content via the interactive map interface.
  • Use geo-based search facets to refine results by map type, map surface area, and geological basin.
  • Use the advanced keyword search to search for geological terms, geologic deposit models, or analogs.

Discover and Download:

  • 4,000+ maps from the market-leading journal Economic Geology published from 2000 – present.
  • All maps downloadable as TIFF and JPEG files. 2,400+ are downloadable as GeoTIFF, GeoTIFF+XML, and KMZ files for easy integration with GIS tools, Google Earth and more.
  • Each map is accompanied by metadata such as geographic coordinates, map surface area, datum and projection for geo-referenced maps, and more.
  • View reference information about the maps and the associated articles.

4,000+ Maps and Growing!
New maps are continuously added to provide SEG members with access to the latest data.

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