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Elsevier and the Geological Society of America (GSA), one of the largest and most prestigious societies serving geoscience professionals worldwide, have integrated over 80,000 geological maps from GSA's market-leading journals and publications into Geofacets. Each peer-reviewed map is downloadable, accompanied by metadata and provides source information, including abstract and full-text PDF. Over 65,000 maps are georeferenced for easy integration into exploration projects. Newly published maps will be continuously added for access to the latest information.


For 125 years, the Geological Society of America has delivered trusted scientific findings through its journals and publications, including market-leading Geology and the acclaimed Decade of North American Geology book series. Its authoritative collection of geoscience research provides valuable insights that can be directly applied to the exploration of conventional and unconventional oil and gas resources.


This collaboration adds essential regional data for strategically key areas, including North America, to Geofacets and further enables the rapid discovery and integration of peer-reviewed maps into exploration projects, geologic models and analyses – helping upstream oil and gas companies to enhance internal knowledge, increase exploration team productivity and efficiency, and reduce uncertainty and exploration risk.


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Search, discover, integrate and analyze over 80,000 geological maps with Geofacets, sourced from the Geological Society of America's entire collection of trusted journals and publications, including:

The Decade of North American Geology (1982 - 2005)*

A decade-long effort sponsored by the Geological Society of America and undertaken by the earth science community (thousands of authors, editors, and organizations) in honor of GSA's 1988 centennial. DNAG evolved into a suite of publications—a core of volumes on the geology of North America (the United States, Canada and Mexico), plus continent-scale maps, continent-ocean transects, centennial field guides prepared by members of GSA's geographic sections and topical centennial volumes from selected GSA divisions.


Geology (1973 – present)

The journal Geology publishes timely, innovative and provocative articles relevant to its international audience, representing research from all fields of the geosciences.


GSA Bulletin (1890 – present)

Geological Society of America Bulletins a leading international journal for major scholarly research in all branches of the earth sciences. Content published from 1945 to present is digitized and will be included in Geofacets.


Geosphere (2005 – present)

Geosphere is an online-only journal that targets an international audience and publishes high-quality research results from all fields of the geosciences. It particularly seeks papers that take advantage of the electronic format.


Lithosphere (2009 – present)

Lithosphere, a peer-reviewed journal launched in 2009, focuses on processes that affect the crust, upper mantle, landscapes and/or sedimentary systems at all spatial and temporal scales. The journal particularly welcomes, but is not limited to, submissions that document the feedback relationships among geomorphic, lithospheric and upper mantle processes.


GSA Special Papers (1934– present)

pecial Papers, first published in 1934, were originally developed for articles that were too long to be published in the society's journal, The Geological Society of America Bulletin. The series has evolved over the years and now includes monographs, symposium-based volumes, and longer, multi-author volumes with dedicated volume editors.


GSA Memoirs (1934 – present)

GSA's Memoirs, first published in 1934, are intended to present thorough, well-illustrated treatments of topics, providing the authoritative reference on a subject for a decade or more.


GSA Field Guides (1999 – present)

GSA's Field Guides of field trips held during GSA annual and section meetings as well as special meetings held in conjunction with other organizations are published under the guidance of experienced scientists who serve as ad hoc volume editors.


GSA Reviews in Engineering Geology (1962 – present)*

GSA's Reviews in Engineering Geology, published since 1962, summarize geological theory or present case histories pertaining to engineering practice. This series is produced in cooperation with members of the GSA Environmental and Engineering Geology Division, who are responsible for the selection, review and acceptance of manuscripts.

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