exploHUB Training Centre

Geofacets is a proud partner of the exploHUB training centre, a unique professional training centre located within the University of Aberdeen focused on preparing geoscientists for the challenges of hydrocarbon exploration. Through this partnership, Geofacets is providing free product access to programme trainees, adding to the state-of-the-art tools and resources already in exploHUB's fully immersive and collaborative training environment.

exploHUB's 'learn by doing' approach and goal of simulating the working environment of a small exploration team or company provides great context for the application of Geofacets.

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About exploHUB

Started in January 2011, exploHUB is an integral part of the University of Aberdeen's Department of Geology and Petroleum Geology, School of Geosciences, and College of Physical Sciences. exploHUB combines industry and academia perspectives into a unique exploration training environment to better prepare geoscientists for the challenges of discovering the Earth's remaining hydrocarbon resources. Its training program includes planning, designing and implementing exploration projects and it has relationships with and sponsorships from information providers and industry companies.

About exploHUB trainees

The majority of exploHUB trainees are employees from major oil companies, national oil companies, independent oil companies, service companies and data providers. The course lasts for nine months and successful trainees obtain a Post Graduate Diploma in Hydrocarbon Exploration. There is also the option available to extend the nine month course to twelve to obtain an MSc in Hydrocarbon Exploration through the addition of an independent dissertation project.