Using Engineering Village


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Getting started

Once you have logged into Engineering Village, you can access your subscribed content and take full advantage of its features and smart tools starting from the main navigation bar:


Click Search to open the search forms for Quick Search, Expert Search and Thesaurus Search. Using the Search form, you can select the specific databases you would like to search.

Selected Records

Click Selected records to view the document records you have collected from the Search results page so you can email, print, download or save them.


Click Settings to view or edit all your general settings in Engineering Village. You can manage your account or profile information, preferences, folders, changing your password and setting up a list of alerts or saved searches.

Tags & Groups

Click Tags & Groups to search Tags that are public, private or specific to your institution, view or edit Groups or rename or delete tags.


Click Bulletins to view the most recent bulletins from EnCompassLit and EnCompassPat as well as access archival content.

Need help?

Click on 'Support' in the navigation bar for context-sensitive Help related to specific task being performed; or, link to videos from the 'latest resources' box within the product.

Getting Engineering Village Support and Training Materials

Engineering Village also provides access to engineering experts, product specialists, and librarians, helping you get answers to very specific questions. Click on the 'Ask an Expert' link in the product, select the expert that best meets your needs, and submit your question.  

Quick Reference Guide

Making Engineering Village yours

Follow the steps below to register as a new user. You'll be able to take advantage of personalization features such as receiving email alerts and RSS feeds, creating folders and using the Ask an Expert service.

  1. Visit within your institutional network or IP address range(s). 
  2. Click on Register at the top right of any Engineering Village page, or click Not Registered? inside the Login box to create your personal profile. 
  3. Use the Remember Me option so you don't have to login every time you visit. 
  4. CONGRATULATIONS – You have created your personal account. 
  5. To have access to Engineering Village when offsite, you can easily activate the remote access option from the Login dialog box (drops down when you click Login).            

Webinar training sessions

On occasion, training sessions via webinars are conducted to support your use of Engineering Village. These sessions cover a range of topics of interest to students, professors, researchers and librarians.