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Collectively, Ei databases index more than 10,000 journals, books series, and proceedings from 80 countries and more than 2,100 publishers. If you have a suggestion for a journal, book series, or conference proceeding to be indexed in one or more of our databases, please fill in the Title Suggestion Form, below, as completely as possible.

To facilitate the evaluation process for

Journals or book series: Please provide unrestricted access online to a minimum of three current, consecutive issues of your suggested title, and be sure to provide the URL. The content will only be used for evaluation purposes.

Conference proceedings: Please be aware that only full text conference proceedings published online will be evaluated for coverage. When suggesting a conference proceeding, please supply the proceeding's URL allowing access to full text conference papers. Conference proceedings that consist of meeting abstracts only, are not yet published, have no URL and/or do not provide access to full text articles, will not be considered.

Please be aware that no conference proceedings submitted in print or on CD-ROM will be considered or returned to the sender.

  • We evaluate journals and book series titles throughout the year, but do not make final decisions for the forthcoming year until the end of the current year.
  • For conference proceedings, our review and decision cycle is biannual.
  • Our review of your journal, book series, or conference proceeding submission does not guarantee selection.

Be aware that the evaluation of a title is not influenced by the number of times it is suggested. Therefore, please avoid multiple submissions of the same title suggestion.