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GEOBASE and GeoRef results enriched with Citation Counts, Citation Details and Author Profiles from Scopus

Next to Ei Compendex and Inspec, GEOBASE and GeoRef result page has been enriched with Citation Counts, Citation Details and Author Profiles from Scopus.

These new features will help Geoscientists across the globe to understand how research is being used, identify key opinion leaders in specific fields and understand what they are researching.


The Citation Counts appear in search results near each article that contains one or more citations within the abstract and indexing database Scopus.

By clicking on the link, you automatically connect to the Scopus page for the selected article.

The Citation Details provide an overview of articles that have cited the selected article and from here you can refine the results.

Access Author Profiles to learn more about the author

Just click on the name in the Scopus overview page.

This page provides detailed author information, like publications, citations, co-authors and abstracts.

  Solve problems easy and fast! Equation Solver available now on Engineering Village

Solve problems easy and fast using the equation solver (powered by Knovel). This new tool is free for all Engineering Village subscribers:

  • Browse collections of practical equations and worked examples, use the built-in Equation Solver to calculate, and export your calculation for reports or sharing knowledge
  • Create a worksheet from scratch by combining text, math, images, and plots. Have easy one-click access to a toolbox containing math functions, engineering units, programming structures, and math symbols used in engineering formulas

Knovel Interactive Equations features authoritative content with over 500 equations paired with worked examples in the areas of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Electronics and Semiconductors, General Engineering, Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering, and Metals and Metallurgy. Built-in software allows you to calculate online and export your calculation in PDF, Mathcad, or HTML formats.

To access, simply click one of the links in the Interactive Tools section bottom right of the Engineering Village homepage.

On Knovel, use the left panel to browse through the collections.

To preview the equation in HTML or calculate using the built-in Equation Solver, you need to register with Knovel. Registration is easy via a simple form. If you have already a Knovel account, please login.

Release Date: 
December 2 2014

  One click access with the Engineering Village search widget

Librarian special edition post-

The widget is a tiny application that runs on the institution or library website, providing direct access to Engineering Village. Rather than having your patrons search for access clicking through several web pages or sifting through bookmarks, they can use the widget to access Engineering Village quickly and conveniently!

How does it work?

The Search Widget allows 1 click access to Engineering Village from almost anywhere on the web. It provides direct access to Engineering Village content by is entering a search term and click the Search button to produce a list of search results. Also get one click access to the Homepage, online tutorials, help feature and contact form. The Search Widget can be setup to search one or more databases and branded accordingly.

How do I get it?

Installation is easy, just embed the code and insert it into the HTML of your webpage. This iframe can be embedded into your content and will be hosted by Engineering Village. It is compatible with all web browsers and comes in three sizes:

  • Normal: 330px wide and 265px high.
  • Small: 220 px wide and 235 px high
  • Extra Small: 185 px wide and 240 high

Interested? Send an e-mail to so we can help you set up the widget.

Release Date: 
November 21 2014

  Infograph: Facts and Value Visualised for Engineering Village and Compendex

Here is some great content for you to share!

The infograph shows some cool facts and opinions about how users experience using Engineering Village and Ei Compendex

For instance how Engineering Village content and features help them be more effective in research.

Or how much time is spent on searching for information.

And how much time they save by using Engineering Village!

To full version of the Infograph can be downloaded here.

You can also download the print version here.

  5 new videos that help researchers get to the right results

The Engineering Village team has launched 5 new videos that teach new users how to search on Engineering Village and more experienced users how to get the most out of Engineering Village.

- Improve your search strategy
- Your best path to relevant results
- Build customized searches
- Evaluate and refine your results
- Quick & effective searching

Watch the new videos on our YouTube channel:

  Engineering Village Improves User Preferences and Introduces One-Click Download

Improved User Preferences

Saving and organizing information retrieved from Engineering Village is easier than ever with improved document naming features.
From the download setting menu, enter text to be used as the prefix for all downloaded files from Engineering Village.
Each file downloaded will use the prefix entered with its respective file name extensions for the duration of the session.
For users who have registered and are logged in, the options chosen on the download settings menu can be saved as defaults by clicking the Save to My Preferences check box.



One-Click Download

Download your records into Engineering Village with just one click!
Registered users who are logged-in can preset their downloading preferences via the Settings tab.
Once set, simply click the Save to My PC button on the search results page.
Your preferences will be used each time items are downloaded from Engineering Village.
The streamlined downloading feature saves time and enables you to spend more time researching and analyzing information.


Release Date: 
October 14 2014

  Engineering Village Tips & Tricks at Your Fingertips

Engineering Village is the first choice for serious engineering research.
It’s an invaluable resource for students, researchers and faculty to stay up-to-date in their field, acquire knowledge in new areas, set up research proposals and write papers.
Take full advantage of Engineering Village and experience the leading information discovery tool trusted by engineers across the globe.
These Tips & Tricks on supporting resources will help you get the most out of Engineering Village.


Don’t hesitate to share this knowledge!


Learn how to use Engineering Village
Helpful tools to get up to speed quickly:


Get the most out of Engineering Village
Robust search and productivity features that help engineers on their way to proficiency:

  • Learn about new features, like Autosuggest, as they happen by subscribing to our Blog
  • Set up Personal Preferences and stay up to date by saving searches and setting alerts


Get help with Engineering Village
Personal and in-product support to get help when it’s needed:


Librarian support for Engineering Village
Especially for librarians to support engineering students and faculty, a variety of resources are available on the Engineering Village Info Site,
including fact sheets, an infographic, video tutorials and more.


Thank you for visiting the Engineering Village Blog.
If you haven't already, please subscribe to our blog and experience firsthand why Engineering Village is the first choice for serious engineering research.
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  Engineering Village launches ‘Save to Dropbox’ feature

Importing results to Dropbox is easy on Engineering Village.

From your Results page, select “Download”, choose the format of the record, and then select the Dropbox “Save” button.

Seven formats are available for selection, and you can then select and change the designated folders within Dropbox.

Save to Dropbox is especially convenient when you need access to Engineering Village records from anywhere outside of the Engineering Village product itself.


Release Date: 
June 27 2014

  Engineering Village launches ‘Save to Google Drive’ and ‘User Preferences’ features

Save to Google Drive

Importing results to Google Drive is easy on Engineering Village. From your Results page, select “Download”, choose the format of the record, and then select the Google Drive “Save” button. Seven formats are available for selection, and you can then select and change the designated folders within Google Drive. Save to Google Drive is especially convenient when you need access to Engineering Village records from anywhere outside of the Engineering Village product itself.

Screenshot:  Download to Google Drive

User Preferences

Engineering Village users who login with their User Profile can set default options for basic search result and download preferences. These options include: Display results per page, Sorting, Show Preview, Download format and Download output. Setting up a User Profile is easy and free, select Register Now to begin.

Screenshot: Engineering Village "My Preferences"


Release Date: 
May 15 2014

  Engineering Village adds AutoSuggest, Mendeley web importer and new download formats

The following new features were released on on January 30, 2014.


  1. AutoSuggest based on the Ei Thesaurus
  2. New Download format .xls
  3. Mendeley Web importer
  4. Modal Overlay awareness tool


AutoSuggest powered by the EI Thesaurus

Finding search terms can be difficult especially for novice users of the platform. AutoSuggest on Engineering Village helps engineering researchers find terms quickly by displaying a list of suggested engineering terms based on the 20,000 terms located within the most trusted engineering Thesaurus available, the Ei Thesaurus.


After the third character is entered in the search bar, AutoSuggest will present an alphabetical listing of engineering terms from the Ei Thesaurus. As the user continues to type, the listing of terms will adjust accordingly. User testing has shown that this gives users a faster way to find engineering terms, improved search results by locating better engineering terms and reduced chance of spelling the term incorrectly.


New download format

New to the download options on Engineering Village is the Microsoft Excel format as a download option. The addition of this format joins the CSV, PDF and RTF formats released in November and December of 2013. Engineering Village now offers these eight download formats:



Mendeley web importer

Importing results into Mendeley is now easier on Engineering Village. With one click of the Mendeley Bookmarklet in the browser, Engineering Village results are imported into a user's Mendeley account. For users of ScienceDirect or Scopus, this functionality will be familiar.



Overlay awareness tool

In order to better communicate with users at the point of use, we have introduced the Overlay (home page) dialogue box. This overlay is a tool to quickly make users aware of new features and other product announcements. When a user signs on, the overlay appears as illustrated below.  This feature will be turned on for all users after each release and stay active for approximately two weeks.


Modal Overlay display in Engineering Village


For a detailed review of the changes, please read the full release notes (PDF).




Release Date: 
January 31 2014