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New Download Feature: Download to Mendeley

Engineering Village users now have an easy way to download and manage their research documents and import them into Mendeley.  Mendeley is a free reference management tool with powerful features for organizing and leveraging your research.  Create bibliographies, format citations, collaborate with your colleagues and promote your journal content by using Mendeley with Engineering Village. 

To get started, do a search on any topic within Engineering Village.  On the results page, click on the download options and choose Mendeley.  You can save Mendeley as a preference so all your future downloads will automatically be saved to your Mendeley account.  Mendeley will open in a separate window and documents selected within your results list will be saved to your Mendeley account.  If you don’t already have a Mendeley account, you can register for free and begin using Mendeley immediately. 

  New Download Feature: Facet Download to .CSV Format

Facet information can be used to quickly identify leading authors on a topic, universities with strong research programs and other useful information that can be gleaned from analyzing published documents. 

Ever want to download the information found within a Facet table on the left side of an Engineering Village results page?  The process has been improved to enable seamless download and import into most spreadsheet software using the .CSV file format.  Click on the transfer icon at the top of the Facet box, edit the filename and open the document with your spreadsheet software.  Each item listed within the facet will be contained within a separate spreadsheet cell for sorting or further analysis. 

  Highlight Search Terms Feature for Registered Users

Users who register and login to Engineering Village have access to premier research features including the ability see their search terms highlighted within their search result list. Additionally, registered users can change the color of the search term highlighting when viewing a document within the Abstract or Detailed page. The highlight color can be saved to the user preferences list within the Settings menu.

Highlighting enables researchers to find relevant text quickly and save time determining the relevance of a document. Registration within Engineering Village is free and provides access to the new search term highlighting feature as well as the ability to create alerts, save documents to folders and save user preferences.




  The Top 3 innovations you can expect in 2015 – making you even more successful in your work

Last week we highlighted the key innovations on Engineering Village in 2014. However, if you want a sneak peak of some of the major developments you can look forward to seeing in 2015, keep reading.  As you know, everything we do here at Engineering Village is aimed at making you more successful in your work. We want you to be confident that the information you access is of high quality and search results are relevant, complete and accurate. So here’s the top 3 of new content and features that will secure exactly that mission:

  1. References in Compendex records
    Sometimes abstracts don’t provide the details required to complete your task in one go. For instance, when you need to access article references. For this reason, Engineering Village will begin to include the References used by the author to create the record. The most recent records in Compendex will include References in Q2 and eventually all records in the front file will include them by the end of the year.

  2. “More Like This”
    Being confident that you are not missing any content is a key concern for all researchers. That’s why Engineering Village is adding an option to view more records that are similar to the record that you are currently viewing. This feature utilizes the metadata (indexing) for the current record to retrieve other records which are similar. You will be able to view this option on the record page.

  3. Getting more personal
    Every researcher is unique as the reasons for visiting Engineering Village, so there is always the need to personalize the experience. This year we are taking many steps to further personalize your interaction with the platform; for instance by providing tips and tricks when you are searching. Also we will enable registered users to select which facets are displayed along with the facet order on the results page. Registered users will also profit from alert improvements, like mobile access enhancements.

While these are three great reasons to keep using Engineering Village, you may not be aware that the platform launches new features and content on a monthly basis. We’ve adopted this accelerated release cycle two years ago so we can be more responsive to your evolving needs. This way we can enable to continue making Engineering Village your first choice for serious engineering research! 

In the meantime, don’t forget to become a registered user on Engineering Village and take advantage of all the cool personalization features we are planning for 2015. It takes just a second. Follow our blog or subscribe to our newsletter if you don’t want to miss out on any of the great new stuff we are creating here at Engineering Village;

  The Top 5 innovations from 2014 - how many did you spot?

Everything we do here at Engineering Village is aimed at making you more successful in your work. We want you to be confident that the information you access is of an unimpeachably high quality and search results are relevant, complete and accurate. Since we’re continuously adding new features and content to the platform, we thought we’d take this opportunity to highlight our top 5 of the most significant developments made available to you in 2014.  

  1. AutoSuggest
    Finding the right engineering search terms can be very difficult. AutoSuggest helps you by providing a list of suggested engineering terms based on the 20,000 keywords located within the Ei Thesaurus.  Using AutoSuggest saves you time by helping you to find relevant terms quickly and easy.
    More information
  2. Conference Content Expansion
    Staying up to date and keeping track of the latest trends in engineering is a challenge for everyone. The conference expansion project addresses just this challenge. During this multi-year project we added over 1,000 conference titles, 6,000 conference events and 400,000 conference papers in Ei Compendex.
    More information
  3. Search Widget
    Accessing Engineering Village from an institution or library website can be a hassle, clicking through several web pages or sifting through bookmarks. To solve this, we have created a one click access tool, the search widget, which is embedded on the institution or library website
    More information
  4. Citation information and author profiles for GEOBASE and GeoRef
    Understanding how research is being used, identifying key opinion leaders and understanding what they are researching is a time consuming task. Citation Counts, Citation Details and Author Profiles from Scopus provide exactly these insights and are now also available on GEOBASE and GeoRef, in addition to Ei Compendex and Inspec.
    More information
  5. Interactive equations
    Knowing which engineering equation to use and how the equation works can be a challenge for anyone. So last but not least, we have added Knovel’s Interactive Equations which feature hundreds of engineering equations paired with worked examples in multiple areas of engineering.
    More information

This is just a selection of innovations launched in 2014. Did you know Engineering Village launches new features and content on a monthly basis? We are making sure you will continue to make Engineering Village your first choice for serious engineering research!

In March we will also share the top 3 innovations Engineering Village has planned for 2015. Make sure you are not missing out on any of the great new stuff we are creating here at Engineering Village, by subscribing to our blog

  Ei Compendex Conference Expansion Program is completed and exceeded its target

The Conference Expansion Program is now completed, exceeding its original goal with over 1,000 conference titles, 6,000 conference events and 400,000 conference papers newly covered in Ei Compendex. 

Benefits for Ei Compendex users

The Conference Expansion Program exceeded its original goal with over 1,000 conference titles, 6,000 conference events and 400,000 conference papers newly covered in Ei Compendex.
The Conference Expansion Program focused on disciplines where the communication of findings at international meetings is especially important, like Computer Science and Engineering.
Conference coverage represents around 50% on the content loaded in Ei Compendex in the past 4-5 years and demonstrating one of Ei Compendex’s key strengths.

Conference Coverage in Ei Compendex

Conference coverage, over the past 4-5 years, represents around 50% of the content indexed annually in Ei Compendex.
Besides giving Ei Compendex customers more comprehensive coverage of literature in core engineering disciplines, including more high quality research from outside the US, the Conference Expansion Program has provided additional material from adjacent subject areas like computer science and physics.
This enhances the discoverability opportunities open to users, particularly when they take advantage of the combined Inspec search (for Ei Compendex and Inspec subscribers only).

About the Conference Expansion Program

The Conference Expansion Program, which ran from 2011-2014, consistently focused on disciplines where the communication of findings at international meetings is especially important.
Covering the key period of 2005 to the present, the program has helped researchers working in fields like Engineering, Computer Science and some areas of Physics to achieve citation parity with colleagues in other subject areas which have traditionally received better coverage from bibliographic databases.
At the same time, the new conference-based content has helped to broaden geographical conference coverage.
This means the inclusion of more high quality work from outside the US, with an emphasis on Europe and Australia, providing a more comprehensive view of the global literature.  
The Conference Expansion Program content, which has been vetted for quality and relevance, includes proceedings from the most scientifically credible serial and one-off global conferences.
These were identified via authoritative lists, including ARC, DBLB, MS Academic Search and INSPIRES, while our existing coverage was validated against these sources.
This program has been created in direct cooperation with leading engineering universities where faculty members have listed the meetings which they felt to be most significant.

Release Date: 
February 5 2015

  3 great reasons to visit

There are three very good reasons to visit, both if you are a librarian or researcher.

  1. We have completely redesigned the database section, providing a full overview of all available databases on Engineering Village.

  2. You have access to the latest and greatest updated factsheets, providing insight in the facts, figures, benefits and value you need to know on how to get the most out of Engineering Village.

  3. Finally, we have created a resource library where you can download all the available Engineering resources. We started by adding the factsheets, but will be adding more user and librarian resources the coming months, like User Guides, Instruction Videos, Promotional Materials and much more.

Keep a look out for more to come. If you want to make sure you miss nothing, subscribe to our blog

  GEOBASE and GeoRef results enriched with Citation Counts, Citation Details and Author Profiles from Scopus

Next to Ei Compendex and Inspec, GEOBASE and GeoRef result page has been enriched with Citation Counts, Citation Details and Author Profiles from Scopus.

These new features will help Geoscientists across the globe to understand how research is being used, identify key opinion leaders in specific fields and understand what they are researching.


The Citation Counts appear in search results near each article that contains one or more citations within the abstract and indexing database Scopus.

By clicking on the link, you automatically connect to the Scopus page for the selected article.

The Citation Details provide an overview of articles that have cited the selected article and from here you can refine the results.

Access Author Profiles to learn more about the author

Just click on the name in the Scopus overview page.

This page provides detailed author information, like publications, citations, co-authors and abstracts.

Release Date: 
January 4 2015

  Solve problems easy and fast! Equation Solver available now on Engineering Village

Solve problems easy and fast using the equation solver (powered by Knovel). This new tool is free for all Engineering Village subscribers:

  • Browse collections of practical equations and worked examples, use the built-in Equation Solver to calculate, and export your calculation for reports or sharing knowledge
  • Create a worksheet from scratch by combining text, math, images, and plots. Have easy one-click access to a toolbox containing math functions, engineering units, programming structures, and math symbols used in engineering formulas

Knovel Interactive Equations features authoritative content with over 500 equations paired with worked examples in the areas of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Electronics and Semiconductors, General Engineering, Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering, and Metals and Metallurgy. Built-in software allows you to calculate online and export your calculation in PDF, Mathcad, or HTML formats.

To access, simply click one of the links in the Interactive Tools section bottom right of the Engineering Village homepage.

On Knovel, use the left panel to browse through the collections.

To preview the equation in HTML or calculate using the built-in Equation Solver, you need to register with Knovel. Registration is easy via a simple form. If you have already a Knovel account, please login.

Release Date: 
December 2 2014

  One click access with the Engineering Village search widget

Librarian special edition post-

The widget is a tiny application that runs on the institution or library website, providing direct access to Engineering Village. Rather than having your patrons search for access clicking through several web pages or sifting through bookmarks, they can use the widget to access Engineering Village quickly and conveniently!

How does it work?

The Search Widget allows 1 click access to Engineering Village from almost anywhere on the web. It provides direct access to Engineering Village content by is entering a search term and click the Search button to produce a list of search results. Also get one click access to the Homepage, online tutorials, help feature and contact form. The Search Widget can be setup to search one or more databases and branded accordingly.

How do I get it?

Installation is easy, just embed the code and insert it into the HTML of your webpage. This iframe can be embedded into your content and will be hosted by Engineering Village. It is compatible with all web browsers and comes in three sizes:

  • Normal: 330px wide and 265px high.
  • Small: 220 px wide and 235 px high
  • Extra Small: 185 px wide and 240 high

Interested? Send an e-mail to so we can help you set up the widget.

Release Date: 
November 21 2014