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EnCompass users are ahead of the curve with insights to make
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Monitor the latest developments in:

  • Petroleum refinery processes
  • Petrochemical processes and products
  • Lubricants, fuels, asphalts, waxes and other petroleum products
  • Hydrocarbon preparation and conversion
  • Synthetic fuels and alternative energy sources
  • Oil field chemicals (upstream petroleum)
  • Pipelines, tankers and storage facilities
  • Air, land, water pollution control
  • Energy and conservation

Answer questions, such as:

  • What are the effects of particular chemical components in products?
  • What is the environmental impact of a particular industrial process?
  • What patents have been filed detailing technical solutions to a particular issue?
  • What patents has a particular competitor filed recently?

Information specialists

EnCompass is commonly referred to as the "Rolls Royce of Databases" by information specialists due to the unparalleled breadth and depth of its downstream petroleum and petrochemical industry coverage. All technical literature and patents are expertly indexed, providing targeted search results and sparing you the hassle of wading through irrelevant topics. With weekly updates and global coverage from publications and patent offices around the world, you can be assured of timely insights and a complete view of a given topic.

EnCompass for Information Specialists

EnCompass for Scientists and Engineers


From avoiding duplication of effort to determining the effects of particular chemical components and locating technical solutions, EnCompass delivers the critical data scientists and engineers need for R&D. EnCompass makes it easy to locate insights because content is indexed from the viewpoint of other downstream petroleum and petrochemical professionals, allowing for a rapid and structured search of relevant topics. Uncovering the latest data on critical R&D initiatives and insights on new technologies and trends has never been easier.

Intellectual property experts

Monitoring and tracking patent filings is crucial to maintaining a competitive edge in the industry, making the responsibilities of IP experts more demanding than ever. EnCompass empowers you with the most comprehensive database of industry specific patents available. Each patent is selected and indexed by experts in the field, allowing for targeted and thorough searches of all filings with minimal time and effort. Patents are updated weekly, with approximately 30,000 records added annually, so you always have access to the latest IP developments.

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