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What is the EnCompass Thesaurus?

The EnCompass Thesaurus is Elsevier's hierarchically structured, controlled vocabulary for the downstream oil and gas industry. Created in 1964 by the American Petroleum Institute, the EnCompass Thesaurus remains the authoritative source of indexing for leading international integrated oil and gas companies and others involved in downstream petroleum and petrochemical activities.

Quick Facts:

  • Developed from the viewpoint of oil and gas professionals
  • Basis for EncompassLIT and EncompassPAT indexing
  • Controlled vocabulary of 7,500 scientific terms and concepts
  • Over 6,900 cross-references, including synonyms and near synonyms
  • Approximately 1,400 chemical index terms
  • Links to over 1,200 CAS registry numbers
  • Updated annually

EnCompass Digital Thesaurus: with 3 functions to accelerate research speed

Users can now access a digital version of the EnCompass Thesaurus through Engineering Village. This exclusive online access enables you to quickly identify controlled vocabulary terms, easily find synonyms and related terms, and improve your search strategy with suggested and narrower terms.

  • Click Search to display controlled vocabulary terms and broader, narrower, and related terms.
  • Click Exact if you already know a controlled vocabulary term and want to go directly to its thesaurus entry.
  • Click Browse to scan the thesaurus alphabetically.

The EnCompass Thesaurus is now in its 51st edition!

EnCompass Thesaurus is also available in an annual print version. The EnCompass Thesaurus 52nd Edition is available now. Order your copy today.

EnCompass Digital Thesaurus

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