Petrochemicals research and Development

Encompass enables companies to accelerate Petrochemicals
Research and Development

Downstream savvy

With more than 600,000 patent records from dozens of patent authorities worldwide, and featuring over a million abstracts from journals, conferences and technical reports, EnCompass connects you to crucial insights that help you stay ahead of the competition.

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Petrochemicals research and Development

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A unique and must-have research tool for petroleum refining and petrochemical researchers.

EnCompass is trusted worldwide for providing superior insights from scientific literature and patents targeted specifically for research in the petroleum refining, petrochemical, natural gas and related energy industries. EnCompass features over 600,000 patent records from 48 patent authorities around the world and over 1 million abstract records from conferences, technical reports and trade and scientific journals.

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Break through the clutter, and fast

Proprietary indexing technology enables rapid and structured search of relevant topics via EnCompass Digital Thesaurus.

The EnCompass Thesaurus significantly increases the ability of downstream petroleum and petrochemical companies to locate relevant literature and patents. It also provides a systematic way to classify and retrieve documents, reduce costs and outsource technical literature and patent review classification, allowing internal experts to focus on higher value work.

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Petrochemicals research

Stay ahead of the competition

Weekly updates allow immediate access to the latest information on new technologies, competitors, and market trends.

EnCompass literature and patent databases are updated weekly to provide up- to-date intelligence for monitoring competitor performance. Plus, special features such as EnCompass Bulletins make it easy to track the latest technical and patent developments in a particular subject area.

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