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Read how real scientists and researchers around the world use Embase for drug and medical device post-market surveillance and for preparation of comprehensive systematic reviews of the medical literature.

Management of Scientific Centers

"Embase serves as an exhaustive knowledge resource"
Avinash Permraj, Research Scientist in Biotechnology

Moscow State Lomonosov University

"Everything I need from biomedical journals I get from Embase"
Elena Koroleva, Senior Lecturer

Aarhus University Hospital

"Embase is a must when you're searching through medical literature"
Edith Clausen, Research Librarian

Politecnico di Milano

"Embase is the fastest way to find all the key papers"
Federico Aletti, Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Stryker Orthopaedics

"One of the most amazing things about Embase is that the entire article is indexed for terms and product names"
Dawn McMillen, Library Resources Supervisor

Various institutions

"Embase is essential for a good, exhaustive search"
Marialaura Martinico, Scientific Documentalist

University of York

"Embase is an essential resource for post-market monitoring of medical devices."
Dr. Su Golder, Research Fellow