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Embase supports drug and medical device discovery, development and post-market surveillance functions, as preparation of comprehensive systematic reviews of medical literature and evidence based medicine.

Embase is ideal for the needs of modern biomedical researchers and is one of the literature search tools recommended by governmental regulatory bodies that can be used to meet the regulatory requirements of post-market surveillance reporting.

Enhanced pharmacovigilance and post-market drug monitoring with Embase + PharmaPendium

Embase and PharmaPendium offer a new level of enhanced connectivity for streamlined monitoring of drugs and competitor products that lets you stay ahead of potential adverse events. With one drug search in Embase, you can monitor the biomedical literature for toxicity data, adverse events, therapeutic comparison study and post-market results. And now from your Embase search, you can seamlessly connect to PharmaPendium to directly access more comprehensive information on drug safety and regulatory compliance, including FDA and EMA Approval Packages, additional relevant regulatory documents, compound structure, class, targets and indications.


Drug and medical device safety research

Safety and risk management are a major focus for pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers and governmental regulatory bodies. To successfully maintain compliance with post-market regulatory requirements, you need to capture the most relevant and up-to-date information from the international biomedical literature.

Embase facilitates the systematic reviews that are crucial for drug and medical device approval and post-market tracking. With in-depth indexing to drug and device trade names, which are linked to manufacturer names and related procedures, Embase allows you to search with confidence for mentions of your and your competitors' drugs and medical devices.

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Systematic reviews of medical literature

Medical librarians, physicians and biomedical researchers performing systematic reviews must adhere to specific guidelines to ensure thorough searches of the literature. Embase allows you to efficiently search all relevant biomedical literature, while being confident that you aren't missing anything.

Embase supports you with trusted biomedical information and clinical evidence, generating comprehensive systematic reviews that enable the correct decisions in evidence-based medicine. Specific search limits, such as Cochrane review, controlled clinical trial, meta analysis, randomized controlled trial and systematic review, allow you to refine your search results and get answers faster.

Medical Literature

Regulatory compliance

With Embase you can be proficient in clinical data management, from filing the initial investigational use of drugs to clinical trial design. Monitor similar clinical trials and reduce the risk of failure of your trials, comply with drug safety, be confident that a drug is safe before the trial commence, and remain informed of regulatory changes and trends. Refine your searches using subheadings that include adverse drug reaction, drug toxicity and clinical trials, applied directly to the drug you're searching for.

Regulatory bodies, such as the FDA and EMA, are intensifying safety regulations, meaning superior pharmacovigilance systems are required. Embase helps you to track all published and peer-reviewed biomedical information on your products and to quickly review reported side effects and adverse events information. Compare the therapeutic effects of two or more substances on a disease, look up reported economic evaluations of specific drug therapies or disease management, track a specific drug trade name in the literature and retrieve information needed to comply with legislation and regulations. Embase is also helpful for regulatory filing documentation such as New Drug Applications (NDA), and clinical trial research and program management, including writing protocols and study reports.

Case Studies

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